wow. the words. yup still finding them...

until then - enjoy a listed update of sorts:
  • i've been promoted. huge. my days are like no other. i don't know how to manage my time. i'm working ever so hard to manager my team. i want them to succeed. the growing pains are hard. for all of us. i'm humbled by the new gig in spite of the economy. proud of myself. i worked hard for this. i deserve this. (still don't fully believe it - buti'm getting there)

  • we've moved. new house. new year. new start. i friggin love my new house. friggin love it. my studio/office is the bonus room. yeah - think size a two-friggin-car garage. huge bonus for momma. did i mention i love this friggin house? it's clean and free of mold and drafts and other unweildy things we won't bring up.

  • K started a new preschool. she loves it. i love it. it's art. it's music. it's freinds. it's learning to be a better girlie. the old - was not what we needed. i don't think religion and school belong together. i never fully understood it until now. there is a time and place for everything, and memorizing bible verses is not going to get my girl far in kindergarten. i know that's a harsh political statement. keep your opinions to yourself. this is my blog. ;) this pic has nothing to do with this statement, but it's damn funny.. beauty rest mask, hello kitty tent, water bottle, portable dvd player, sleepy abg, and pop-o-corn... nothing could be better on a friday night.

  • i am sick. again. see above statement. new preschool> new grimy toddler germs.

  • getting settled - loving it. excited to make the new place a home. cozy. and warm. lots of new things. loving this life.

  • i spend my nights as i lie in bed, praying like the dickens for a dear sweet friend of mine and her mother. love love to you sweet sweet friend.

that's it really... when i figure out how to better manage my days as a supervisor to 11 people... perhaps i can fit in blogging in the wee hours before anyone in the house is awake. pray for me.

peace and all that other good stuff.