A Letter To Kevin Bacon...

many of you probably follow Ali Edwards' blog, and are familiar with her fight for autism. You've seen her talk about her Six Degrees Badge, in which Kevin Bacon will make a matching contribution to his top 6 contributors. He was on Ellen the other day, and was talking about his organization, Six Degrees, and mentioned a woman in Oregon who's badge is in honor of her son, who has autism. how's that for paying it forward? and scrapbookers who watched that immediately knew he was talking about Ali. i have donated. my daughter doesn't have autism. but what if? there's always that chance. and why not? it's $10. 10 flippin dollars, people. if you haven't donated, you should. 10 = one trip to starbucks for me.

so, in listening to this and reading ali's blog, i felt compelled to email Mr. Bacon's site, in the hopes that my letter makes it into his hands. i want him to know what an intricate part of our little scrapbooky world, Mrs. Edwards really is. i mean, when have you stopped by her blog, with your morning coffee, and NOT been inspired? she puts it ALL out there. she challenges the everyday. and you know what? in the words of AE.. .

here's my letter.. now go donate, damnit!


Dear Kevin,

I have been following the Six Degrees Campaign, namely the Ali Edwards Badge for her son Simon. I was dumbfounded to hear you mention her on Ellen yesterday. You mentioned a woman from Oregon who’s son has Autism. This woman, whom I’ve never met in person… is astounding. Not only is it an everyday fight for a cure for Autism and research for her… she is a light and a fire in the lives of women across the world. You see, Ali belongs to this tightly connected world of Scrapbookers and Paper Crafters across the world. She creates art, everyday. She shares her life, everyday. She inspires, everyday. And she does this selflessly. Honestly.

So, as I sat and watched the webcast of your little snippet about Six Degrees over and over again, there were tears. Tears! There were tears streaming down my face. A woman in Oregon. WOW. If you only knew what an inspiration she is to all, not only through her never ending fight for Simon and those affected with autism... but it's her daily inspirations. The inspirations to help us to look deeper. Listen more closely. Watch more intently. To life. To create with reckless abandon. I have become a better artist because of her. Not to mention, a better mother, woman, wife, friend… because of her thought provoking words.

I believe in my heart, what you are doing is a good thing. Really good. Paying it forward. I am a HUGE believer in that theory. And let me tell you, Ali Edwards is truly an example of this theory. I do hope her charity earns your match. I hope she has the honor of meeting you some day.. for it would do you a great honor to have the pleasure of meeting her. To simply sit down and have a cup of coffee with her.. you will see what I mean. And me? Never even seen her in person. But I have coffee with her every day. Each morning, her blog is the first place I visit. It’s the first place I look for inspiration when I am compelled to just jump back into bed and wish today had never begun. Divine inspiration.

Cupcakes and other things...

i had my very first experience baking with my daughter the other night. now mind you, she is just about 2. what a BLAST that was. i mean, seriously. who knew motherhood could be so grand. now, to some, this may not seem like a huge deal. but to me? i've waited my whole life for this. to have a sidekick. and that *someone* up *there* really knew it had to be a girl.

fast forward to the next afternoon. said cupcakes were ready to eat. they were very intricate for momma. including pouring jello into them after they dried, then frosting, then creating flower petals out of marshmallows to decorate the top. so flippin cute. to die for actually! so, post lunch time... my girl is given her very first cupcake! she wouldn't touch the damn thing. wouldn't touch it. it had come right out of the fridge. she exclaimed, "it's too cold momma.. too cold!" so we had to pick the marshmallow treats off the top, place them in her mouth, as she stated, "too sticky, momma! you do it!" so we realized... our cupcake is afraid of said cupcake! does she know what she's missing? anyhow.. made for a great little story line, which will make for a great little layout.. which will make for one very happy momma!

on other things... still NO WORD on the friggin JOB! ugh! i was so angry to a point. makes me realize perhaps i really don't want the job afterall. i have been told twice that i would have an answer, and both times, let down. very unprofessional, in my book. so, i have not let this get me down. i've vented, i've let the anger go. the boss i hav enow is a gem and i would be sad to lose him. he provides not only professional growth on a very sincere level, but in turn, it creates personal growth as well. he has helped me to become a better listener.

so, it's thursday.. the week is almost over. i've got BIG plans for myself this weekend. going to tackle the bedroom. a very, very sore subject in my life. perhaps if i can make an improvement or two, i may post a pic. let's just say, when you live in a house that is almost 50 years old and not much has been upgraded in those 50 years.. you are left with some funky-ass paneling on one wall and the same funky-ass paneling on the ceiling in matching squares. let's just say, it's so funky-ass, we can't even begin to describe it. oh and i've got shabby chic style and no way to make it work. but we'll see what a can of paint might do in there.

till then.. take care and happy thursday-ings!


on getting published...

So, for the first time ever, i got the glorious email in my inbox from Memory Makers... one of my LO has been picked up for their book called 601 Great Scrapbook Ideas.I will write more later... but for now.. i can't keep my feet on the GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


music warms my soul

wow. i am still in awe. so much so i almost can't even put it into words. i had so many good bloggy ideas to compose about my john mayer experience... but it was so amazing, i just can't put it together. but i will try. i never really knew how much music moved me. never. i mean, i knew it affected me in such a positive way. but the john mayer show my husband surprised me with moved me into such a good place. i think i was waiting to get into that place, this show just gave me a slight push. and i fell.

i have been a fan of john mayer since i first heard his "inside wants out" cd. never did i know what an astounding guitarist he is. watching him get into his groove was like watching a passionate love encounter begin and end. intense. at such a young age.. he is at a level few ever make it to. he is one of the greats. not only does his sound make me happy.. the lyrics reach to the depths of my soul on so many different levels.

music makes me happy. simply. happy. i must be surrounded by it from this point forward. constantly surrounded. i know, i probably sound like a total nerd.. but hey.. to know me is to love me. regardless. i found my happy place in the last couple of weeks. this music just pushed me into head first.... and so i leave you with this... i do truly believe now, the hear tof life is good. simple. and good.

"The Heart Of Life"
I hate to see you cry
Lying there in that position
There's things you need to hear
So turn off your tears
And listen
Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good
You know, it's nothing new
Bad news never had good timing
But, then your circle of friends
Will defend the silver lining
Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
No it won't all go the way it should
But I know the heart of life is good
Pain throws your heart to the ground
Love turns the whole thing around
Fear is a friend who's misunderstood
But I know the heart of life is good
I know it's good
~ John Mayer ~