I have issues...

  • i have high expectations of people.
  • i expect greatness.
  • i need to be crafty on a regular basis.

SOOOOO... thank goodness i have some good, sweet, smart, crafty girlfriends to hand me tissues when the issues get to be too much. and push me to be creative.

and as proof of that? look what some of my girls are up to?

paper issues

the creative team here is sensational. they are a good group of crafty bitches who i adore. and i can tell you? i have high expectations of what's coming out of this new adventure. and can i assure you? it will be pure greatness. because i said so.

so - go check out paper issues and join the halloween linky party. tell 'em shelley may sent ya. become a follower. and love them. join them and share your issues.

be good and enjoy some pics of halloween crafts and such both old and new! enjoy!

my GOD she was cute! and look at the fancy logo on the pumpkin! hmmm.. wonder where momma works?

a quickie halloween card made with scraps!

another quickie with scraps!

our masterpiece last year! i think we need to make another this weekend! this was SO fun!

and this is the in-house decor this year! none for the outside this year!

pumpkins a couple of years ago. apparently i slept less or had more time when kennedy was 3??