Life changes so quickly...

so, we have some very close friends in southern california, the lubowe's. carly lubowe is the youngest. she has a very best friend who's life just changed in the blink of an eye. from jessica's website:

On March 3rd an MRI found an inoperable tumor in my brain. After many appointments, research and prayer my parents and I have chosen to receive radiation/chemo treatment at Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC). I start treatment on March 21st. Please continue to pray for me and my family.

i believe this little girl, jessica joy rees is about 12 years old. i am compelled to do something for this sweet girl, to help spread joy back at her. in reading her story, she's a remarkable little girl. she is walking in God's light, living his word, and doing his work at such a young age. it really makes you step back and imagine your own adult life, if you were so open and engaged in doing the same. she underwent her first "lap" of treatment today. please join me in keeping her and your family in your prayers. jessica firmly believes in NEGU.. never ever give up. amazing, eh? (only from the mouths of babes.)

i encourage you to check out her website, and then like her cause on facebook. her goal is to have 10,000 likes. come on people.. we can DO this! she's also starting a website called joy jars. i believe the goal here is to send jars filled with lil bits of goodness to others who are ill... um hullo crafty women.. doesn't this just get your wheels turning?

i'm planning to put together a jar for Jessica this weekend. if anyone would like to contribute somehow, and send some crafty goodness her way that will fill her with joy and smiles, please let me know.

now... GO. like her cause on FB. check out her website. mark it as a fav. i'm sure you'll be inspired by her daily. i know i am already.

peace and be good.