ok - so i failed. kinda.

i promised to post pics of my lists for 2 weeks. well - on my list was - "spend less time during the day on the internet!" and i've succeeded.

i am keeping lists.
i am sticking to them.
i am accomplishing things.
i feel productive at the end of most days.

on another note - if you lack a thyroid - you know - the guy that is like your body's shop foreman? yeah. take your synthroid DAILY. don't skip two days in a row. unless of course you want to feel what it must feel like to die a slow and painful death. sunday - i couldn't figure out why i was falling asleep sitting up all the while everything including my HAIR hurt... i realized at about 11pm sunday night, i missed my pills - i think thursday, friday , and maybe saturday? i woke up monday like i was on CRACK! i was so hyper! it was GRAND. take your PILLS!

the weather here.
my newest, littlest, cutest, most gorgeous baby in my family in three years...
lilliana grace came into my life on thursday.
i got an hourly play by play text message from my bro.
love him.
he even texted me when the head was crowning.
soon as she came out
i flew down 81 like a madwoman.
instant love affair.
momma and daddy are doing awesome.
my SIL - a CHAMP. baby was almost 9 pounds!

ok - folks - happy tuesday! I am supposed to be doing a PIF RAK... so i need some comments people! LOTS OF THEM! tell your friends!!! I will chose my RAK recipients from the comments by Friday...



I'm stinkin it up in here...

i'm tootin again!!! woo hoo!

i can't believe i neglected to post this earlier...

i had a project requested for publication by Paper Trends Magazine this month! I was/am SO over the top excited!!!! Issue comes out in August/September!!!

i'm just gonna keep on submitting... eventually some manufacturer will pick me up because in the words of Stuart Smalley:

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggonnit! Peaople LIKE ME!"

to do list

it's something i never used to start my days without. something i felt i couldn't function without. it was the way i began and ended each day. i made lists. i would commute to work, make the lsit in my head. stop for my coffee and breakfast something or other. get to my desk. get out notepad - make list for the day. as i went through the day, i highlighted the items i had completed. (funny - i learned recently - one of my brothers does the same thing!) at the end of the day - i would recap the list, add items to it for morning, clean up my desk - putting EVERYTHING away. wipe down desk. and go home.

my life is drastically different now. i work from home. i'm a mom. i seriously disorganized. i stopped making lists. things get missed. forgotten. past due. undone. chaos. to most, i seem pretty together and on top of things. it's all an act. i'm the one screeching into the parking lot daily with breaks on and grabbing the last damn parking spot.

enter today. i'm bringin list back. and i'm makin it a habit. i will post my list here each day for the next two work weeks. that's all it takes for me, personally, to develop a habit. i figure a nice frilly, spring time mug is in order for my morning coffee... since i no longer get the commute or the stop at starbucks.. though on SOME days - i DO make a stop.

make today a great day and here's to hoping i get this damn list complete today!

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” ~ Oscar Wilde


can i get a - PHEW!

so - the last few weeks have been rough - to say the least. BUT - it's ove and we are cancer free. what was discovered with the breast MRI was NOTHING in the left side - which is the "problem" side - but a small cyst in my right side. i had to go BACK for yet another test on friday. they found a teeny, tiny cyst in a lypmh node in my right breast. I am told "nothing to worry about - only to monitor". So - that's a good thing. for now. i finally slept. well - for a few hours.

enter - the three year old from hell! we had a bad storm friday night/saturday morning. began at 3:30 am sharp. Kennedy woke up and hollered out - "Momma - it's too scary in my room - get ME!" we snuggled in my bed for a bit until she declared it was time to head downstairs and have a snack! at 3:45am!!!! oi vey! for the LOVE OF GOD!

i can't even remember now what i gave her to snack on but i DO remember, when she was done - she said - and i quote - "um, momma? i'm all done with my snack now. i think you should wake up and make us some breakfast. don't you think?" i gave in. i made a smart alec comment to her of course (gee wonder where she gets it from) and said to heck with it! I may as well get up and seize the day! it was WEIGH IN SATURDAY anyhow!!! and yes ladies - i am down another 2 pounds. still at a loss for 22 - as i gained 2 the couple of weeks before and then lost this two... but heck - 22 since January! that's rockin if i do say so myself!

let's see.. what else? I applied for a manufacturer design team this week! I will tell you more when i know for certain - but there was a little bit'o'kismet that pushed me to do it - ever so last minute!

work is slowly getting better. i had my review on friday. it was stellar. i maxed out my increase AND tacked on an additonal 4% to my raise as i got a title promotion... lateral - but still - mo money mo money! life is grand. but i would downplay it if i said i earned. i friggin worked my arse off to earn it! for two flippin years! i am scheduled to take the first full week in May off and it cannot seriously get here fast enough.

i've been creating. and it feels good. i knocked out some stuff for the DT over at We B Scrappin... got handed some stuff that at first i wasn't crazy about - but turns out i fell in LOVE with! New Fancy Pants and Fiskars Kimberly Poloson! pure love.i sewed a little sundress for Kennedy this weekend.. will post a pic when she's cooperating...and i did the taxes. yes. did them myself. with a little help from H&R block online... still saved $75 by doing myself... AND a nice little refund.

ok - folks - i think i'm falling asleep typing. now i KNOW i have stalkers out there..leave a comment or two or three. i am supposed to be doing a Pay It Forward RAK courtesy of my great friend MELONIE who's birthday is today!!!! but i want to know who's reading this... perhaps i will RAK it upon YOU!!! POST POST PEOPLES!!!

New Upsy Daisy Product... that i am now in LOVE with!

Fancy Pants love....

more Fancy Pants love...

and a fun trip to the zoo on i think the first real day of spring here!




so - my "girls" have seen a whole lot more action in the last three weeks than probably the last three years! after a week of waiting to see a surgeon at my doctor's request - surgeon tells me same damn thing the radiologist told me. YOU NEED AN MRI! Jesus H. Christ. I am LIVID. so - the surgeon feels the lump. he tells my my nipple looks very irritated and sore... and do they always look that dry? um - yeah.. NO! not ever. he tells me this. "i've operated on you twice now. first your thyroid, then your gall bladder. each time - you had to fight with docs to get them to see something was wrong. i am 90% sure this lump is probably nothing. but you are a rare patient. you are very in tune with your body. and you know when something's not right. so until i see a clean MRI.. i'm sticking with 90%. sorry to make you wait longer - but we need to be 100%."

my surgeon is a saint. i think the nurse thought i was crazy. as the lumpy boob is being manhandled by Dr Tyler.. i am sitting up, arm up over my head, thryoid scar exposed and then the 4 scars on my belly from the GB removal exposed... I say -"yeah - most women my age like to get tatoos. I personally prefer getting scarred up by Dr. Tyler!" he laughed. the nurse - not so much. i mean - come on - this guy is a saint. it's like i've got his autograph all over me. most people can't even tell he slashed right into my neck and spent four hours taking out as he put it "the most diseased thyroid i've ever seen!"

so. i sit. and wait. and i cry. and i'm not very nice right now. and i am telling people trying to comfort me.. if you tell me one more friggin time it's probably nothing - i will puke all over you. because to ME? RIGHT NOW? it's SOMETHING. damnit. i just want to scream.

35 next month. 35 years old. and this is what i am worrying about right now. unfrigginbelievable. i really don't even know who all reads this rant i put out here... but if i've got your attention this long. feel your boobies. seriously. get them checked. i discovered this problem about four months ago. i kept it a secret. yes ME.. i kept my mouth shut. for a VERY long time. telling no one. denying myself.

will update when i know more.