Week In The Life... DO THIS

I hesitated when I first read Ali's challenge. I have to much on my plate. Too many work committments. Too many personal issues for which I am running out of tissues. And then I said - you know what? The tail end of this year is supposed to be about ME. about making ME a BETTER ME. so throwing caution to the wind - i'm down Ali.. i'm with you. and it's going to be a GOOD ride. because I will it to be so. Though I did not take any photos today. Per Ali - that's ok. and I agree with that too. So read this. It's the challenge. and do this with me?

Week In The Life. Day One.
  • i wake up to the sweetness of a small voice saying, "but i know it's still dark out, i want to watch morning time wake up." how can you wake in a bad mood, even though it's earlier than the chickens?
  • try to stay awake through a snuggle and Caillou at 5am on the sofa. it does not happen.
  • give in to the sandman. and snooze.
  • wake to 100 - yes - that's ONE HUNDRED teeny, tiny counting animals, lined up carefully on the living room floor. and a dog bomb. (polite for the dog who forgot he was inside and dropped one)
  • realizing none of this is not a good sign.
  • roll of the sofa, out from under the sleep inducing fleece blankie i love so much and make coffee.
  • feed child and take quickie shower.
  • drag myself to kitchen, cold from shower, for coffee.
  • to realize, i never ut grounds in the filter.
  • realizing. once again. this is NOT a good sign.
  • contemplate calling in sick since i am fighting bronchitis.
  • realize this is weak and i can manage juuust fine.
  • still contemplate. but can't. i'm too honest. and hardworking.
  • get the girl finally ready for school. no arguments on clothing, hair accoutrements, or shoes.
  • this *might* be a good sign.
  • drive to school. my fav part of the week.
  • we listen to *the heart song* my girl knows each and every word to this song. pure, sweet, goodness.
  • drop off at school
  • myheart melts - she's such a big girl and so into routine already
  • we talk about making good choices
  • we talk about including girls that look sad or are playing alone
  • we talk about being HAPPY to see momma when school is over and not crying like a monster that she doesn't want to go home with me!
  • we pinkie swear and kiss on it.
  • my heart soars.

WORK ramblings

  • i make coffee. again.
  • i make a to do list
  • i pray
  • i review to do list
  • pray again. only a miracle will get to do list complete
  • go back down for coffee
  • begin to do list
  • feel bullied. into a corner
  • shake it. chat online with a BFF/coworker
  • she helps put it all in perspective
  • i shake it some more
  • still feeling bullied.
  • therapy lessons i've learned kick in
  • i'm being productive
  • i answer several phone calls
  • multi-task. chat online internally, answer emails
  • i send some e-recs to some colleagues. they are worth a buck. it matters.
  • i pray some more.
  • i get a kick ass complimentary email from my division director.
  • makes me really happy.
  • i reach out to my former boss for some advice on aforementioned feeling bullied sensation. he said what i was feeling. i took his advice.
  • i've moved on
  • and the day is over.


  • boring. nothing to report. went by too quick
  • quick trip "as a family" to the grocery store.
  • popped in to the temp halloween store for ideas.
  • scared the girl.
  • quick trip out.
  • home.
  • realized said prayer REALLY is working. in strange and mysterious ways.
  • dinner.
  • early bed time.
  • quiet time for momma.
  • internet time to unwind the mind.
  • request to contribute to Page Maps for November shows up in my inbox. rooty toot toot! rock on - and GO ME!
  • time to figure out LO for my Guest Design Team Spot over at Lotus Paperie beginning this FRIDAY! (go me again!)

all in all? a not so shabby day. and if you've stuck with me this long... thank you. and leave a comment... with a way for me to reach you... just might be some sweet, simple, happy mail in it for ya.

much love and make it a great week. because i said so, damnit!


And Syracuse Retail Continues to Grow...

The latest addition to our retail venue that has me simply jumping for joy?

That's right - ladies - a Hobby Lobby. And how do I know this? Well the blueprints for the store are sitting in my kitchen table. My family's business has the steel contract on it and I am OVER the TOP excited about it!!! I saw the layout of the store - how much space is alloted for the scrappy goodness that will be within those walls.. i drooled. i gasped. i think i had a scrapgasm.
It will be going up FAST - which means good money for my husband - as they will be working round the clock to complete the job... AND - it will be right on Route 31, next to the new Lowes.
can't WAIT!


The Beckoning of Lovely


watch this video. it's roughly 7 minutes you will never regret. it's beautiful. it's possible. i will be a part of this. one way or another. it's compelling. who's with me?


in awe

i am simply in awe at the selfless acts i am witnessing in the crafting blog world. i am late to jump on the wagon and post about this family. i almost couldn't bring myself to click through to the site of the sister updating the progress. it's the story of the nielsons - stephanie and christian. they were recently involved in a private plane crash and both have suffered tremendous burns. they have four small children. four children. four. i cannot imagine. my breath stops short when i try. it's unimaginable. there family is one that is intertwined in a faith i've never been witness to. and it gives me reason to want to learn. i have added a button should you care to donate to the right. or just blog about it all. pay it forward. be selfless. and hug your loved ones a little bit tighter tonight. (i still don't know how to properly add links that look pretty so here's one for the Nielson's blog and one for their sis who is following their recovery)

much love and kindness back at ya.




lift her up

i am really working hard to turn this blog around and make it a place of inspiration and happy... so it's at this time - i'm asking for some spiritual inspiration and some prayers and a little happy thrown up north. a dear, sweet friend of mine - really - she's like a mother to me - just got some pretty crappy news about a pesky mole situation. she's going to be having surgery to have the rest of everything removed - as it turns out it's a melanoma. she is a strong woman. she is faithful. she is amazing. she is beautiful. she is genuine. she is thoughtful. she is caring. she is 100% totally and completely selfless. always doing for others. she is wise. she will beat this. she will not have to endure much more than remove and repair. because i said so. and i'm praying on it. i'm lifting her up. say a some prayers for her, would ya? that's all. much love to my blog readers. hug someone you love today. they might really need it more than you know.


updates, goodness, and a TOOT oh my...

  • will write an entire blog post about the Extreme Makeover Home Edition volunteer gig - soon - promise. really. still circulating the thoughts. lots of goodness.

  • had a fabulous weekend complete with a trip to the zoo, the park, and a bonfire.. oh and Yuengling - plenty. of. yummy. Yuengling. I SOOOO needed some alcohol. goodness.

  • demo has begun on the downstairs-bedroom-what-used-to-be-my-husbands-man-cave-full-of-1970s-panelling-office. we are shuffling rooms - now that kennedy is getting bigger - her nursery is closing in on her. i'm moving my office downstairs to said man-cave - but it's being completely gutted first. panelling is down, and funky acoustic 12x12 unhip tile square ceiling shit is down. once that room is done to perfection - i move my office/studio down there. kennedy will be moved into my current office - once we repaint and replace flooring in here. Dad will then move is office up to K's current tiny dormer celing type attic room. poof. change is good. winter project begun before fall - good. pure goodness.

  • planning to cross off to-do list in completion each day this week. day one - check! goodness.

  • oh you wanted to read about the toot? i got an email from Vanessa over at Lotus Paperie http://www.lotuspaperie.blogspot.com/ (yes - i will never know how to type this so that i can just write lotus paperie and then you click in that word and poof! a link!) i digress... got an email from Vanessa this weekend. she digs me. yup. that's right! you guessed it! i'll be the Guest Designer for October. Check check check check it out! My pal Holly Hanks was the GD for August and it's just yummy. just. plain. yummy what she did with the prompts and challenges. i dig what vanessa is all about. and she's just dang sweet to boot! I will be posting sneaks at some point as October comes closer... and i LOVE that month - so expect some ghoulish, fall-y type goodies from me. goodness.

  • reconnecting with old friends. this just simply makes me happy. very reminiscent - but oh so happy. goodness.

  • oh and i can't post without a photo. see this? goodness.

K just being cute

i grew this all by myself from a bulb...still cannot believe it. there were about 12 blooms altogether and they were about 4 feet tall

huntin toads in the backyard. this shot is priceless