cheap, scrappy, & upcycled?

so, in an effort today to be crafty - since i was finally feeling somewhat human - and in honor of my doing less = more... i took some scraps, some steals from target, and some time cozied up in bed, to BE crafty. less is more, right? i changed the bed and cleaned our room. i knew i didn't want to craft in the office, since it looks like a bomb has gone off in there. i pulled the following things together, having no idea what i was about to do:
  • random flowers gifted to me by my sweet friend, Cari Fennell
  • scraps of fabric
  • some beanies for kennedy, i found on sale at Target for 70 cents
  • some cute spring shoes i bought end of spring season last year for 3 bucks
  • a gigantic bottle of fabric tac (a staple in my world!)
  • some fiskars shears
  • a seam ripper
  • some needles
  • some thread
  • and random bucket of ephemera
the results? 4 new hats! UPCYCLING! and a new pair of shoes!!! woot woot! go me!

what did you make today??

peace and be good.



fewer vs. more

so in my drugged up, migrained, percocet induced haze the last several days, i've been surfing many blogs. ok - hundreds. alright! perhaps 1000's. i think the blog addiction goes hand in hand with the magazine addiction. little snippets. i don't have to read chapters to get a fix. just a lil' daily what's up, going on, teach me something new - yeah, and i'm happy. i get inspired. i want to create. i want to write more. i want to hone in on what makes me happy. i want more. i need more.

i've been a long time follow of many bloggers that have reached "celeb status" in the scrapbooking & crafting industry. i've then deleted many off my favs when they've become arrogant, pompous, and full of themselves, and just plain mean. there is an insidious underbelly to this crafting industry that reared it's ugly head to me this summer. i mean, really? it's paper and glue, women. get over yourselves.

there are many i've followed since they first started a blog and are now starting their own photography business. (you know who you are.) inspired. these kinds of bloggers keep me coming back for more. they move me. they make me want to be a better me. they inspire me to learn something new. they take chances. how can you not want more when witnessing that?

and then, in a quest to want more of me - a more stylish, a more creative, a more defined me - physically - i'm drawn to various style blogs. i'm not quite sure how to define these... you know the ones - cute outfits each day - on the cheap?  now let me not confuse you - i've no interest in DOING this myself, but it's inspired me to try a new top now and then. experiment with layers. express myself in my style. i used to love this. i allowed motherhood to take this from me. i'm slowly getting it back. some six years later.

all of this reading and inspiration left me wanting more. (that one little word rearing it's head at me again - hair raised - looking me right in the face) i want to write more, photograph more, make more, style more, lots more. and i tend to stop. and spin in circles. and stop. and get dizzy. and stop. because i don't know where to start. and then tonight, my most favorite blogger ever tweeted this blog - and it resonated so deeply, i had to write. more. she said after attending a blogging conference, she learned simply to:

Do Fewer Things.
Do Them Better.

those two simple phrases, once embraced, will allow me to do so. much. more.

i'm off to make my list of fewer things. so i can do them better. and get so much more out of me.

join me?

peace and be good.


the CSN $20 Gift Certificate goes to.... dun dun dun duuuuuuhhhhh.....

i added a slip of paper for each entry and had my lovely assistant vanna - er - umm.... i mean kennedy pull a slip for me (and i neglected to photograph this fabulous event, because, well, i wasn't feeling well and, then kennedy didn't want to cooperate, oh yeah, you want to know who won??? right. i'm on it. sorry. migraine has me a bit loopy. so...)

... and it was....


i will email you the specifics for CSN... and you must post back and let me know what you got and what you think!!!

thanks, everyone, for playing along! I will be working with CSN again in the future, so stay tuned!

peace and be good!



go on girl. git your SHINE on...

so in a typical bloggers world, a sweet girl by the name of ashley sent me an email one day. she randomly found MY blog, complimented my writing and told me i was an inspiration... what the WHAT? ashley - you rock.

i then wandered over to her blog - holy cow! the girl is absolutely adorable. she's doing some pretty awesome things. and of course, i wanted needed to have one of her necklaces. not only did i buy one, nope, i bought two! and speedy mcspeederson... i got my order in under like 3 days i think? she's awesome.

now, in my sickly state, reading blogs makes me happy... i venture to her blog, and what? woah. stop.. it's give-a-way time on her blog! some over the top cute stuff too. go get you a look. i did. and i'm gonna win. (sticks out tongue) but take a look anyhow!

great, and now ashley has me hooked on MORE blogs... just.lovely.things. oh go get inspired, would ya?

peace and be good.


CSN Giveaway...

i have the info from CSN to giveaway my $20 gift certificate!!! comments on original giveaway post below will be left open until 12:01am Wednesday. That means I will announce a winner tomorrow!!!! will it be YOU???

thanks for following.. peace and be good.



how do YOU get inspired...

when you just can't feel it? i need to be inspired. i will be inspired. if i say it so shall it be? right? HAH! i'm hoping i can shake what ails me as my scrappy chics want to get together friday night for some craftin and drinkin time! i'm all about both! so i'm trying my brain for some inspiration. i want to make something wonderful. just don't know what. what sort of steps do you take to find inspiration?

i start with my own stuff first... kinda like this:
  • i start with a list of stuff i want to make: layouts, altered, cards, fabric or paper, gifts or to keep
  • i then go looking through my old stuff: what is it that i loved about my favs? was it the product? the style? the technique?
  • shop my stash: what do i have that i'm dying to use? what am i out of consumable wise? what do i need/want/must have? (waiting for Cassie's PI order to get here! she's so RAD!)
then i go out to other people's stuff:
  • i blog hop and find inspiration >> just look at the blogs i have listed!!
  • i surf etsy
  • i look through friend's galleries on FB
  • i look at my fav manufacturers blogs and design team galleries
then, i make another list of what to pack! phew. so far i've just got a mental list and i've been looking at some of my fav work tonight and came across some oldies but goodies... hope this helps you find inspiration too... and i leave you with some eye candy - and heck, maybe some inspiration! (let me know if that worked!!!)

love this photo. circa last summer.

peace and be good. now go forth and make stuff. and post back here if i inspired you.



update on give-away!!!

so, my friends at CSN have not yet sent me the gift card code... i am extending the giveaway to the post below through wednesday!!!

this is my first time working with them, so i apologize. and am embarrassed.

stay tuned and bare with me.

peace and be good.



the office...

and no, i'm not referring to the show. i'm referring to my office. the place where i work. the place where i create. my home office. you see, i'm fortunate. i work for an amazing fortune 500 company. top rated by employees. i'm spoiled. i work from home. full time. on occasion i get to travel, but it's always fun - even though it's work. it's fast paced, it's a high stress level, but it's nothing i can't handle. ever. i have wonderful peers. even better mentors. i'm spoiled. period.

the move to oregon is upon us. the hubby, sweet hubby - stated the first focus on the new house will be my office. his exact words? "honey - we will get your office dialed in perfect for you this time in bend." see, i've always had a dedicated space, but it's been modge-podged together and never really complete. because not only do i work from home full time, those that know me - know - i'm a crafter. so it's my studio - also. it needs to be creative. it needs to be me. it needs to be "dialed in."

so lately, i'm on the hunt online for inspiration. my main goal is for OFFICE FURNITURE that is reasonably priced, yet will last a good long while. i've been perusing blogs, diy mags and this new to me online store - CSN Stores.  i mean, look at this herman miller chair in lime green? i'd LOVE this.

this chair looks super comfy cozy for 9 hour work days!

they have LOADS of choices, prices are right - and i've done my research people. their customer service is top notch! CSN has a great selection of office furniture, home furnishings, decor, kitschy stuff you name it! check out the site. i dare you. give yourself a few hours, as you'll be sucked in.

take a look on their site. let me know what you think. have you purchased from CSN stores? what was your experience? if you haven't, would you? report back and let me know so i can contribute to another purchase with a GIFT CERTIFICATE!!!! that's right - my friends at CSN Stores have given me a $20 Gift Certification to give away to one lucky reader! but you know nothing comes for free... that's right. i'm gonna make you work it a bit! follow me here on my blog for one entry. leave me a comment here for another. share my blog with your friends on facebook and let me know back here you did that too! each step will earn you an entry into the drawing!

i will have my assistant, Kennedy - help me draw a winner Sunday evening. no comments after 5:00pm Sunday evening will be considered. i will announce the winner on my blog Monday morning!

now go! tell your friends!

peace and be good!


a healthier way...

well, most of you that follow my blog know - i'm on a quest for a healthier life. i am eating better, taking vitamins, and working like the dickens to get my never-ending health issues in order. in an effort to do so, i've been shopping more wisely. noticing that a full grocery cart, does not necessarily mean i have everything i need. i've noticed when i DO have everything i need, my cart is LESS full. oh but not so! visually, it is less full. nutrient wise? it's full to the brim.

i have learned that when i stay away from processed foods, and work to put in more whole foods to our bodies, the cart is visually less full. there are no boxes. no freezer bags. (unless it's a frozen fruit or vegetable) this hit me one evening at the checkout. i commented on this new found a-ha moment, and the cashier looked at me like i had three heads. after all, she was under 18, a size 2, and cute as a button, with gorgeous skin, hair, and an athletic build. she thought about it for a minute and said, "yeah, i grew up on these kinds of foods. my mom never allowed us to have cereal unless it had rolled oats or flax." i then took a turn, looked at her like SHE had three heads.. and then - i wanted to find her momma, pick her up, spin her around, worship her, and then have her teach me how to feed my family.

less really IS more. are you with me? ok you are, but are you listening? there is a belief that in order to eat healthy, it also costs more. this is not true. since i have stopped buying so much convenient and processed crap, my bill is about $60 less a week. this is $60 less weekly for over a month now! we are eating better as a family and trying new things. do you KNOW what those processed foods can do to you? i'm not going to tell you, you can google it. and then be grossed out.

so in an effort to keep this up, i am frequenting my local health food store, Green Planet Grocery. this place ROCKS. as much as they can, they stock the shelves with food from local sources. local as in right here in syracuse! umm, hello? how cool is that? not to mention, the people that work there? awesome! so healthy! i don't get "the look" when i walk in. you know, like the one i get when i walk into victoria's secret. the "umm, yeah, heffer? we don't SERVE your size in here!" look. yeah. not at all! i walk into Green Planet, i get the "damn. check out this cool chick! she brought her cute recyclable bags AND she wants to get her body healthy. way to go cute chick!" look. love them. everyone i've ever dealt with is knowledgeable, helpful, and eager to help you or offer you new choices. love this. the store is bright, airy, totally does not fit in syracuse... but it's just my kind of place.

so, not only is the service the schiznit, they offer up all these yummy, often vegan, organic snackems all over the store. whilst there a couple of weeks ago, i happen upon some samples at the register and then a super cute display of cookie mix. i'm thinkin, yeah, no chance a vegan cookie can taste good. nope. i ain't buyin it. (afterall - vegan i am not. healthy, i am) so i look at the bag, as i'm tempted because A) the packaging was super cute. (cute girl, remember?) and 2) it claimed to be unprocessed anything! score! i had to try them, right? well, of course. the non-judgemental cashier told me i did. she then told me if i substituted the butter for coconut oil - score! total vegan recipe! i had coconut oil - why not, eh? then i read on the packaging: "save bag to freeze left over cookies!" bonus - again - CUTE packaging!

i fell for it. i bought them. OHip girls... you friggin ROCK! Maria and Angela of Organically Hip are two friends who had an idea. and they went for it! not only am i inspired to stay healthy knowing i can nurture my sweet tooth, but heck - these chicks are ambitious. the funny part - i made the cookies...Cowgirl Cookie Mix...and yeah, didn't need the bag to freeze leftovers. my family ate them up. i told no one of my secret until after the cookies were all gone.

i was so excited, i emailed Maria and Angela to ask if I could blog about them - they said SURE! as long as you send us a link! (and they like my blog!) so i did, and girls, link is on it's way.

are you with me? are you following along? are you smelling what i'm steppin in? pickin up what i'm layin down? i'm on a mission. we are not only watching what we are putting in our bodies, we are watching WHERE we are putting our bodies. join me as i continue to write about our cross country adventure coming up this summer. we are in heavy, heavy planning mode in the may household for our cross country move to a healthier lifestyle all the way around. the moving truck is reserved, notice has been given at work for the hubs, and i've got vacation approved for two weeks and new work hours figured out. stick with me. it'll be an adventure. and i'll make sure to make fun of it while we do it.

peace and be good. and go forth and get you some OHip cookies & brownies, yo!


and we're back.

damn, one day at typepad, and i'm frustrated. i think i spend my days doing techy stuff, i'm just fried when it comes time to blog. i will stick around blogger. plus, it's free y'all!

sorry for any confusion!!!!


i've moved...

my blog here. please save and follow me. and enjoy the sarcasm at my new home on the web. better blog design to come in the near future. i promise.



a bend in the road.

i have visions of a healthy life. when i close my eyes, and breath it in, i am thinner. my skin looks better. my eyes look rested. they sparkle again. my joints no longer hurt. my muscles no longer swell. it no longer hurts to stand up. my hair is fuller. and longer. my hair is wavy and kissed by the sun. i have new freckles across my nose. my clothing is more comfortable. i can feel the comfort of long, loose, flowy skirts. skirts i've fashioned with my own two hands using fabric in my stash. up cycled skirts. i can feel the simplicity of a plain tank top, simply embellished by my own hands. a handmade hair clip tying up loose strands in a mess bun. a new pair of sunglasses. flip flops. sandals. and the one thing that completes it all? a smile and sense of inner calm.

when i close my eyes, and think of bend. this is what i see. i can see it so clearly, i can almost feel it. like a tactile page in my art journal. i truly believe the life i've always imagined, the live i've always wanted, really is within reach. it's within reach simply for the taking. it is no secret now, we are relocating to bend, oregon in the summer. this is a decision two years in the making. this is a place i can feel myself putting down roots. this is where my daughter will grow up. this is where she will thrive. this is where she will grow. and the best part? it's where i will do the same things right beside her.

there are so many beautiful things about bend, that i can't imagine it not rubbing off on me. don't get me wrong, i'm the last person with a body image issue - i truly think i'm a beautiful person. bend will just make it stand out that much more.

i was recently diagnosed with fibro-myalgia. health is on the mind these days and ways to improve it. we've changed the kind of food that comes into the house. and we are conscious of portions and how we cook. i am back to taking my herbalife vitamins and using the shakes to help me lose weight. that is the key treatment to fibro. i know once the weight comes off, the bones and muscles will feel loads better. bend will not allow us to lead sedentary lifestyles. it's impossible there. i mean look at it....

my mother in law always tells me i have to make happen what i want to happen. i'm doing just that. care to follow the journey with me here? i'm heading down a slight bend in the road... and those skirts are looking fabulous.

stay tuned.

peace and be good.