Cupcakes and other things...

i had my very first experience baking with my daughter the other night. now mind you, she is just about 2. what a BLAST that was. i mean, seriously. who knew motherhood could be so grand. now, to some, this may not seem like a huge deal. but to me? i've waited my whole life for this. to have a sidekick. and that *someone* up *there* really knew it had to be a girl.

fast forward to the next afternoon. said cupcakes were ready to eat. they were very intricate for momma. including pouring jello into them after they dried, then frosting, then creating flower petals out of marshmallows to decorate the top. so flippin cute. to die for actually! so, post lunch time... my girl is given her very first cupcake! she wouldn't touch the damn thing. wouldn't touch it. it had come right out of the fridge. she exclaimed, "it's too cold momma.. too cold!" so we had to pick the marshmallow treats off the top, place them in her mouth, as she stated, "too sticky, momma! you do it!" so we realized... our cupcake is afraid of said cupcake! does she know what she's missing? anyhow.. made for a great little story line, which will make for a great little layout.. which will make for one very happy momma!

on other things... still NO WORD on the friggin JOB! ugh! i was so angry to a point. makes me realize perhaps i really don't want the job afterall. i have been told twice that i would have an answer, and both times, let down. very unprofessional, in my book. so, i have not let this get me down. i've vented, i've let the anger go. the boss i hav enow is a gem and i would be sad to lose him. he provides not only professional growth on a very sincere level, but in turn, it creates personal growth as well. he has helped me to become a better listener.

so, it's thursday.. the week is almost over. i've got BIG plans for myself this weekend. going to tackle the bedroom. a very, very sore subject in my life. perhaps if i can make an improvement or two, i may post a pic. let's just say, when you live in a house that is almost 50 years old and not much has been upgraded in those 50 years.. you are left with some funky-ass paneling on one wall and the same funky-ass paneling on the ceiling in matching squares. let's just say, it's so funky-ass, we can't even begin to describe it. oh and i've got shabby chic style and no way to make it work. but we'll see what a can of paint might do in there.

till then.. take care and happy thursday-ings!

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Cheryl said...

Oh Shelley , You write so well it is a joy to read your blog. :)
That is a GORGEOUS photo of your little darling and I can imagine the LO with lots of journaling !!

A coat of paint will work wonders :)
My brother has just built the most beautiful house, furnished like an expensive display home , perfect in every way.
WE went to visit, it felt COLD and sterile, definitely a house not a home. Their marriage has just broken up , I felt the vibes in that cold perfect looking house.
I thinking your HOME would probably have lots of character and personality like the people that live in it. Give me a home any day. KWIM ((( Hugs))) Cheryl