"I'm the girl from the bar..."

ahhh - ABC premiere week. Life is good. Fall is good. Premiere week - GOOD. It is 5 hours from the time my life will once again be complete. Grey's Anatomy. oh sweet love for something grey really does matter in my life. I think I will wear a grey shirt tonight while i watch. It's grey outside. I've been in a Grey mood for weeks. Grey.

So - since I have been a horrible blogger - lists seem like a good thing to get caught up.

  • it's too hot to be fall.
  • premiere week makes me very happy.
  • do the terrible twos really last until 3 and then i have the effin fours?
  • i have to have more tests done next week for my stomach. my guess on the illness of the month in my life - ulcers.
  • i have a new boss. that really sucks ass. i LOVED my boss.
  • i am REALLY in the mood to be creative.
  • i won a prize box from making memories. that friggin rocks.
  • october is going to be an amazing month. because i said so.
  • my dog bailey is about the coolest dog. ever. period. (ok - besides holly's dog oscar)
  • it's too hot to be fall.
  • my mother and i will never again see eye to eye.
  • i'm finding ways to be happy - easily.
  • the bottom floor of my house is clean.
  • the top half is not.
  • mending the broken bond by dr. frank lawlis proves to be an extraordinary book so far.

i think that's about all i've got for now. and i love that line from the previews for GA.. because i really am the girl from the bar - and he married me!

happy fall. y'all and enjoy premiere week!


Gigi said...

Oh yeah! Bring on the Greys...it's been a loooong summer!
I'm with you on the whole "too hot for fall thing". I love fall and this heat is really ruining it for me!

Holly said...

Yay! You're back to blogging again. I too love premiere week. I'm waiting for Ugly Betty...can't wait to catch that one. I really wanted to watch the new sitcom, The Big Bang Theory. But, I spent the entire show fighting with my mom. So, maybe I can relate to you on more than one issue! LOL. Glad your month is off to a great start. So jealous about your Making Memories stuff! ;0)

Danielle said...

I am in upstate NY too! (Saratoga area) Where abouts are you?
And have a 2 year old! Found you through Melonie's blog! Stop by my blog if you want:

Gina said...

it is too hot to be fall, but I LOVE IT!

As for the two's...I hear three is harder. Not that you want to know that. T is hitting Three early. UGH.