So - I'm on a mission - I'm attempting to become an agent for the Fiskateers. And you know - so far so good! And I realized something - Fiskars is all around me! I've used Fiskars shears and rotary cutters for YEARS - since my Gram always SWORE by "those orange scissors.. you only want to buy the orange ones!" I never even really paid attention - until recently - Heidi Grace papers - Fiskars! Who knew? not me! and I am a HUGE lover of all things HG! I mean - just look at what I made with some new Christmas papers - that by far - are theeee cutest papers EVAH!!!

So - today - also - guess what???!!! It's SNOWING!!!! My FAVORITE time of year!!! Woo HOOO!!!!

So - that's really all I've got for today. I am doing plenty of positive self talk - trying to keep a positive attitude and know that each day while I work - is one mroe day closer to being DONE with the 22 projects that have been assigned to me - during the holidays - to be done by January. Yes - I do have super hero powers.


Holly said...

Sounds like you'e a busy, busy lady for the rest of the year! Love your little "Joy" piece! So cute. :0) Enjoy that snow...we've already had it for a few weeks. I just love the snow!

Melonie said...

Love the joy picture! Beautiful. We got the snow too. UGH!

Gina said...

Love the JOY! but not so much the cold and snow. I'm a winter grump. Maybe your snow love will rub off on me. ;)

Gigi said...

Oh Shelley, I think your Joy picture turned out wonderfully!
Good luck!
Oh yeah, I love the snow too! (until March anyway...when I get sick of it)

Holly Terra said...

Loe this, Shell.
Love you.
Good look with Fiscars!!!
Lets pick a new date for my party!


Anonymous said...

oh so pretty...the JOY and you like snow.....what are you NUTS? no I am for living with it!

Good luck with your stamping up debut!
Bon Bon