Ok - these lovely paper racks can be yours - both for $75.00. They take up about 15x15 inch square of floor space and are about 4 feet tall. Same ones you see in the LSS. I have opted to go vertical to make more sense of my small, small space.

If interested - please leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you!



The Way I Am...

6 more minutes...

"I'm the girl from the bar..."

ahhh - ABC premiere week. Life is good. Fall is good. Premiere week - GOOD. It is 5 hours from the time my life will once again be complete. Grey's Anatomy. oh sweet love for something grey really does matter in my life. I think I will wear a grey shirt tonight while i watch. It's grey outside. I've been in a Grey mood for weeks. Grey.

So - since I have been a horrible blogger - lists seem like a good thing to get caught up.

  • it's too hot to be fall.
  • premiere week makes me very happy.
  • do the terrible twos really last until 3 and then i have the effin fours?
  • i have to have more tests done next week for my stomach. my guess on the illness of the month in my life - ulcers.
  • i have a new boss. that really sucks ass. i LOVED my boss.
  • i am REALLY in the mood to be creative.
  • i won a prize box from making memories. that friggin rocks.
  • october is going to be an amazing month. because i said so.
  • my dog bailey is about the coolest dog. ever. period. (ok - besides holly's dog oscar)
  • it's too hot to be fall.
  • my mother and i will never again see eye to eye.
  • i'm finding ways to be happy - easily.
  • the bottom floor of my house is clean.
  • the top half is not.
  • mending the broken bond by dr. frank lawlis proves to be an extraordinary book so far.

i think that's about all i've got for now. and i love that line from the previews for GA.. because i really am the girl from the bar - and he married me!

happy fall. y'all and enjoy premiere week!



so in meeting some new paper craft women tonight - they all have school age children. we are going through our calendars, coordinating some meetings for the next few months. they begin talking about school activities. one of the women is German, born in Mexico and only recently moved to the states - and she asks - "what was the holiday today? or was it yesterday? the kids had to dress in red, white and blue. patriotic day?" we all look at each other puzzled and consider flag day - but know that to be sometime early summer - so we are all puzzled. she says - "no - it was patriot's day? this not an American holiday?" we looked at each other again - and it dawned on me - that is right, today is Patriot's Day. 9.11. - did you hear me? NINE.ELEVEN. for those of us not directly reflected, do we already forget? i felt ashamed to be an American. i woke up today with that same odd, like the earth is off balance feeling like i do every year on this day - i reflected and recounted this morning while i had my coffee. it felt off. but do you believe, by the end of the day - i was unaffected? shame on me. and shame on any of you other Americans who completely forgot what today was all about. PATRIOT'S DAY. it's on the newer calendars. why the HELL isn't it a federal holiday? again - often times - embarrassed to be an American.

take a moment, hell - take hours - learn - realize what it must have been like. to be there. to lose someone. don't be shameful. remember it each and every year. every day. our boys and girls are over there fighting for us. for what? so we can forget? nope. never again. not me.

Patriot's Day - as told to me by a Mexico City born German girl.

think on it.