Extreme Home Makeover Hits CNY - and...


Being involved in one of these builds has truly been on my "bucket list" since the show aired and before "The Bucket List" was made. (ok - no I haven't officially written MY Bucket List... but i have ideas for it... Molesting Ty Pennington and crew is on the top.) Seriously - sure who doesn't want to rub elbows with some celebs - but for me? that's truly, hoenstly - NOT what it's all about. I just need to witness this miracle in person. I see it on TV - and I know that it's edited for TV to be hollywodd-ized - but I truly think it's genuine. and I need to feel it. to be a part of it. to take it all in. and be in the moment.

i immediately went to the builder's site - www.mahoneygives.com - to apply to be a volunteer. i then saw that ADP (my employer) was a sponsor. I contacted the builder, they got me in contact with the comittee chairperson for ADP - and poof - before I know it - I am assigned to volunteer at the VIP Tent this Saturday! if that ain't the shit - i dunno WHAT is! I don't know what the VIP Tent is - but i've done enough theatre and stuff - it's important. i may be serving Ty some FIGI water and making hom coffee... i'll TAKE IT! he'll make it into my scrapbook - that's HUGE! so i probably won't be getting my hands dirty or walking on drywall stilts or hanging shingles... but i will be doing something. anything. and that - is what matters.

check back often - as i post updates. you can see the news story here:



Gigi said...

OMG! How cool is that! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG! HOw awesome... I want some Ty loving!!!! Take lots of pics!!!


Gina said...


Melonie said...

OH how cool! Please give Ty's tush a lil pinch for me. You can totally blame it on your friend;) Extreme Home Makeover just came to my cousins block in Ohio and she said it was amazing to watch the filming process. HAVE FUN Girly!

Lori said...

So cool! Have fun with that and keep us posted!