ah.. spring. how i love thee.

ah spring. your little buds pushing forth from the frosty earth. the signs of what is to come. anticipation of the summer ahead. spring - just come on out and make your appearance already. stop teasing us. i'ts just plain not nice. there are so many signs of you right now, but nasty mr. winter keeps pushing you aside. i think - no - i KNOW - this is it. you'll be here this week.

many things making us happy right now. right this moment.
  • a tax return. ahh. renewed.
  • planting seedlings in a little coutnertop green house and watching them grow - literally - right before our eyes. we've got sunflowers, morning glory, tomatoes, lavendar. can't wait to get these in the ground.

  • fresh cut flowers from the market. in multiple rooms. happiness.

  • smiles. in spite of having pneumonia, colds and the flu in this house - still seeing plenty of smiles.

  • summer just around the corner.

  • school - ahh how we loooove school these days.

  • being home. we've made this place a home and i just love waking up in it every stinkin day. love it.

  • finding balance with work. the chaos is finally coming to a close. sweet Jesus in the morning. i'm finding balance. and no longer feel as though i'm suffocating.

sweet blog readers - i'm trying to find the words. and this is healthy for me. so i plan to be back more often. going cropping with some girlfriends this friday. i am pulling up my boots and being a bigger person. i have a retreat to go to the following weekend and i've been all sorts of scrappy this weekend past. pure goodness.



Melonie said...

Glad you are doing so good Shell and SOOOO glad you are back to bloggy land.

Gina said...

{heart} Get all of you well! I didn't know you had so many sickies going around. We're waiting on winter to get the heck outta here, too.

Lori said...

Yeah! Glad to see your new post, and so so looking forward to the retreat. Hope to see you there! Glad all is good in your neck of the woods