and as my friend, robin said, "the paradigm has shifted." i read an amazing blog post today from a woman i've admired "virtually" for several years now. her little daily truths speak to me these days. they resonate so deeply down inside of me most days, it makes me realize there is a higher power. something that puts me in the right place at the right time. that allows me to hear just the words i need to in order to fight, be consistent, persevere, and often times, step back just a bit and just be.

it will not be a waste of your time to venture here and read the post. i will tell you, you will be moved.

i have thought about this post all day. around 330, my husband called me. simply to see how my day was. and he asked if really.. was i ok? i told him truthfully... no. something was missing. he finished my sentence for me. he said, "are you bored? i think you're bored. you need more right now." and i loved him that much more for that. because he read my sign. because, yes, he's right. i'm tired of the predictable nature of our days. i need to be challenged. pushed a little more. we talked pretty deeply about this subject. and i think loads of good will come out of it.

and in the end? i will say it again: he read my sign. and he read it loud and clear in stereo. my sign today? "i'm doing the best i can, but i never feel it's enough." he came home, made dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, put our girl to bed. all to help me get out of the house to a PTA meeting. so i could shake it up a bit and on-bored myself. and he's slowly showing me more and more of his sign. and i love him even more for that.

be good.


Nibor said...

I love you my dear friend and I know you will find what you need. Life's an adventure - take that detour and enjoy the ride!!!!!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Yep, I was completely moved by that post too. I feel the opposite... I'm so NOT bored. I am overwhelmed. I put so much on myself and forget to just be. I forget to allow myself peace and quiet. I don't get quiet often anymore. But, I have been where you are. BORED, Unfulfilled, a missing piece. However, add stuff in moderation. Don't overwhelm yourself. Believe me it all creeps up so fast. I'm clinging to the things that make me happy. Like doing art everyday, making time for me and my creative needs, but it pushes out the gym time, enough sleep, and sometimes noticing what my family needs because I'm so busy piling stuff on. Guess I need to take a look at that post again! HUGS! Come and take my Visual Journaling class at SST on Dec. 3rd!

pattiwest said...

I would so love to go to a Brave Girls Camp!!! I look at this blog too, Shell. Always, always makes me think and then I allow myself to feel (and process & think some more), and then I accept that it is what it is-- and choose to let it be okay. :)