and then she was six.

i wish i could wrap her up in a bubble and preserve this day and these moments forever. i'm convinced they are so sweet and will never come again so pure and innocent. she will continue to get older and learn more things from her friends. the sweetness from this child today was breathtaking. the way the light caught her hair at breakfast, to the way the wind blew her hair in the car, as we had deep conversations tooling around town this morning before school. today was, in a word. perfect.

i want to capture this moment in words. simply so i don't forget. (as i tend to do these days.) our day started at about 6:00am. i felt someone standing over me. i peeking open my eyes, and saw her looking at me, then looking at some hello kitty figurines in her hands, then looking at me... in total disbelief. then, she exclaimed, "there is glitter all over my hands and in between my fingers!!! fairies must have come!" i asked if i could take a look. sure enough - she was covered in pixie dust. i told her to check her bed. she said there was glitter EVERYWHERE. you see, she has a fairy door in her room. fairies must have come whilst she was sleeping and left her a small toy and sprinkled her with good fortune, sweetness and pixie dust.

i then explained to her that i just ran out of time this week, and didn't have time to get balloons or anything special for breakfast, but that i would make it up to her while she was at school for dinner. all the while fooling her, as i had gone all out and decorated the kitchen, complete with tea cup and saucer for juice and donut, balloons! the works! she was floored!!! we had breakfast, got ready and left the house.

headed to the nail salon for manis and pedis! every birthday girls needs a fresh mani and pedi to kick off the day! on the way there, i reminded her how special she was to me. i explained that this day was one i wait for all year, every year, as this day is the day my life changed. i told her that having her made me a better person. made me stop and slow down. she told me "mom, today, my life changed. today, i'm no longer a little girl. i can feel it now. like really feel it. like, i know i'm bigger now. like, i don't even WANT to have temper tantrums anymore. really, i don't!" i just wan to squeeze this kid. she's perfect.

then a trip to Mc Ds for lunch, then off to school. i delivered cupcakes and drinks to school for her to share with her friends. she got a huge lot of cards from all of her friends. several of the boys even wrote i love you on the cards! wow!!! wasn't ready for all of that! she got home from school, we took a quick trip to the canal to see loads and loads of baby turtles (need to go back to take pics!) and then grabbed daddy and headed to dinner.  we finished off the day with dinner at spaghetti warehouse and then back home for birthday cake and early to bed.

as with every year, this day was filled with many memories for me. i just can't fathom how we got here. how did i create this little person. this human being that is so full of empathy and respect. consideration and thoughtfulness. kindness and heart. creativity and mindfulness. she's just an amazing and brilliant kid. she's wise beyond her years. i'm convinced she's got a bit of my grams in her, which is why she's so wise. i've said since she was a baby, you can look into her eyes, and see a very old soul. she's so very mature and logical for six. she reads, she draws, she writes. i never want to forget this feeling

at six kennedy:

  • is an amazing artist
  • is gorgeous with mesmerizing eyes that tell a story all their own
  • is a story teller
  • can read as well as an 8 year old
  • can spell as well as an 8 year old
  • is creative
  • is kind
  • is warm and caring
  • is thoughtful and mindful
  • is considerate and empathetic
  • is funny and downright hilarious when she needs to be
  • is snuggable and huggable
  • is determined and stubborn for all the right reasons
  • is brilliant and gifted
  • is driven
  • is focused
  • and in the end, she is mine
six years has been a wild and exciting ride.

can't wait to see what the next 6 bring us.

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