hello monday.

hello holidays.

hello blog. i've missed you. let's get together more often.

hello oversleeping and hitting the snooze one to many times.

hello monday. (why'd you have to oversleep?)

hello to a calendar of conference calls which at one point today, had me quadruple booked. (i made it to 3 of those 4 calls. yay me.)

hello excitement. my momma shows up on tuesday from new york.

hello hair appointment right after work. (forcing in me time is important!)

hello dance rehearsal again for the showcase this weekend.

hello last minute cleaning to be done.

hello holidays... i'm ready....

(hello monday is a lisa leonard inspired blog prompt, join me!)


Katrina said...

Yay! So good to see a post from you :)

Melonie said...

I'm ready too...especially for the you and your blog getting together more often so that me and your blog can get together more often part:) Miss chatting with you and love the pics of the little Miss. So cute!! Happy Holidays sweets and I am so proud of you for your GDT spot at MM:)

Lisa @ Tales of a Young Housewife said...

She is SOO cute!