we thought we'd skate right on through without it. we thought we were lucky. we never really had to deal with it. not really. and then - the last week of febraury. it's here. winter! i am not a fan of being hot. so i typically enjoy the winter. i don't get active in it and actually exert myself, oh no. but i love the quiet. the temporary blanket of clean. the temporary cover up of all the really crappy houses that exist in upstate ny. did i mention the quiet? i'm a fan of quiet. so i woke up this morning to a beautiful cover of snow and peace and quiet. love it.

my night time hours, not so much. i've been having nightmares lately. vivid, i'm screaming out in my sleep kind of nightmares. last night was one in which my neighbors house was surrounded by swat and the husband (and no Kathy - since i KNOW you stalk my blog - it was my other neighbors - not you guys! hehe)had barracaded himself in with some sort of military rifle... and his wife and family were locked in a bathroom. i could see all of this in technicolor in my dream, from my bedroom window. my dreams are usually premonitions too, seems like. i dreamt last week my best friend's husband was having trouble with his diabetes again and was about to have his foot amputated. i called her the next day and told her and she said he had just got home from the doctor and has a severe infection in his toe. freaks us out. her husband calls us "Charmed". i had a nightmare two weeks ago that we were victims of a home invasion and i was shot. not killed, but shot. ron said i was yelling out in my sleep and i woke up crying. strange, eh? some battle is going on in my head while i sleep. PHEW! think it's time to get a refill of the good ole ambien!

not much other excitement going on here these days. an unruly 3 year old... going through a phase. we HOPE... ahh parenthood. i've got a horrible cold. i'm blaming girls at We B that were sick on saturday. i haven't been sick with sinuses in almost 3 months. i spend one day with a coughy, runny nose bunch, and POOF. sick. my nose is cracked. i can't stop it from running. i have sinus head.

in light of all that - i'm being productive at work this week - thank GOD. as it's only getting busier. i get to travel next month to texas. kind of excited about that. always like the personal interaction with my co-workers. i'm fortunate - i've got a pretty amazing bunch of folks on my team that i just adore. so i'm really looking forward to the trip. not to mention - i will get to go to Sam Moon, IKEA and hopefully the container store! not that i will be able to BUY anything, but I will be able to go! hehehe

have a splenderific wednesday people! ciao!


Melonie said...

Holy FREAKY dreams Batman! I hope you get some rest tonight and that nose stops running soon. Love the new pic of you and Kennedy! Gorgeous and oh so scrapable. Have a great rest of the week and if I don't talk to you have fun on your trip!!

Holly said...

Sam Moon?!? Someone else who knows what Sam Moon is! :0) I love going there when we visit my dad in Dallas! I hope you get to feeling better, and get some good sleep in the meantime. By the way, that is a gorgeous photo!

Gina said...

Get better soon! My three year old is in a funk, too. I hear three's are about the worst. Have a great time browsing fun stores on your trip!

Gigi said...

I hate nightmares...so freakin' scary! Wishing you only pleasant dreams and I hope you feel better too!