yes... everybody POOPS!

and tonight - it was my girlie Q!!! on the POTTY!!! I am OVER THE TOP excited to share this news. I was not home to witness it - but was at my monthly card club when i got The Call. I hear this little voice on the other end - suddenly get VERY loud and say (shrieking with excitement) "Momma!!! I pooped! I pooped! Go get Hungry Hippos PLEASE!!!"

We had resorted to bribery. and hey - whatever works! my child is well mannered, polite, and VERY respectful for not quite three. if I have to bribe her on occasion - I am not above it. So get Hungry Hippos I did, along with new panties, new jammies, and the coolest, biggest Littlest Pet Shop Toy Target had on hand! I could NOT get home fast enough tonight! I drove about 85 mph the entire way home!

When I walked in the door she literally jumped up into my arms and squeezed me SO tight! When I asked her what happened she clearly reported this: "I pooped. On THE potty! All by myself. I was a good girl! It looked like a potato!!!" I cried with laughter! A POTATO????? YES! A POTATO!!!

LOVE that kid. we played about 30 rounds of Hungry hungry Hippos, because as she will tell you - their bellies just couldn't get full enough! I also realized tonight - Momma is in love with the littlest Pet Shops. I mean - they are SO stinkin CUTE! And boy - do those guys know how to have fun! The clubhouse came complete with a swingin vine, basket, AND skateboard! woo hoo!

i am one proud, tired, broke momma tonight. and i wouldn't have it any other poopin way!


Melonie said...

You crack me up Girl! I am totally not above bribery once in awhile either. Yay for Potatoes in the potty:)
Hope all is well with you. I've been wondering where you've been!

Gigi said...

I'm all for the bribery especially in the whole potty training ordeal...it can be exhausting! (spoken by a mother who could not potty train her son until he was 4...oh yeah, no typo, that's a 4)
Big Congrats to Miss Kennedy!
Kennedy will love Littlest Pet Shop. My dd is almost 10 and she still loves them!