well hullo there monday.

i had all these grandiose plans that today - TODAY - monday - was gonna get off to a stellar start. but the truth of the matter is - i'm just plain tired. i was still a good girl today and am being ever so productive and really wrapping up a project WAY ahead of schedule for the first time in 12 months. anyone who is involved in big projects knows that's a HUGE sigh of relief. so that in and of itself makes me happy.

my girlie woke up in a good mood. first time in about 10 days. how can you, at three years old, wake up cranky EVERYDAY? how? my dear Lord - imagine her when her first visit from auntie flo comes... i'm moving out of the country when this child hits puberty! hehehe we got through the morning with no melt downs, no grand mol seizures. let's hope for an even greater afternoon! it's nice out, not too humid - i don't think - so we may just go for a stroll. spent the whole day just about outside yesterday - may be why i am so tired today.

planning to make some banana bread tonight. hate hate to toss bananas because they are a lil too brown. found a yummy sounding recipe in my Deceptively Delicious cookbook. who knew you could sneak cauliflower into your banana bread? it's not so much fun though to sneak stuff in - as this child will eat just about any vegetable you put in front of her - along with fruit. i think i have a vegetarian in the making!

ok - so it's about quittin time for me. i'm off for a shower, a quick snack and it's off to grab my girl.

boring blog post - i know - but hey - it's a boring day.



Melonie said...

I have so been going to order Deceptively Delicious. Marlee is a wonderful veggie eater too but Ev and Hubby...not so much. I am SOO glad you are back to blogging. I've missed ya!

Gigi said...

Cauliflower in the banana bread eh? Let me know how it turns out. I've got a house full of veggie haters.