it's a two post hump day

this was taken the first day of preschool. not really part of my week in the life. but a day in my life i want to remember forever. and ever. and ever. this was HUGE for me. i look at this picture often, now, and wonder how did i get her and why am i so blessed? i really never thought i wanted children until late in my twenties. then when i finally began trying - didn't think i'd be able. and God willing - here she is. a dear friend asked me today, "are you one proud momma?" that word - proud - SUCH an understatement. i feel blessed. i feel honored. i've often written and said K is such an old soul. she looks into my eyes, and she sees to the depths of me. she says things like, "remember? when you were a little girl? i took care of you. i was a good mommy to you." or things like right before we leave for school, she throws herself on me and says - "mmmm.... i could just love on you all day momma. i just love to hug you." then there's the flip side. things come out of her mouth such as last night when we asked her if she wanted dinner, she stated, "nah - i'm not really into dinner right now." and the other day, she told me - "i'm not really feeling strawberries momma, what's my other choice?" REMINDER: she's three.
so quickly we develop traditions with our children. well, more so - rituals. each day on the way to school, on our 3 minute commute, we listen to "the heart song" - really - "Fidelity" by Regina Spektor. she knows each and every word. it's priceless. once we get to school, always the first ones there and early - we listen AGAIN to "the heart song" and put on chapstick - er - LIP GLOSS. this is her showing me. her aunt kimmie told me tonight - she loved this pic - because it reminds her of me and MY big ole' lippers. (and shhhh - aunt kimmie's jealous! we love you aunt kimmie!) this is the sweetest part of my every monday, wednesday and friday morning.
the guys for the day. she had to bring just these THREE downstairs with her. she specifically asked for Cow, Lizard, and Dino. and said they must stay on the little couch all day while she was gone. and there they sat. i LOVE Pet Shops. LOVE THEM. Like i secretly covet them. and talk her into buying certain ones because they are so damned cute. i want them in my office. but she won't let me borrow them. these are ALL over the house. warms my heart.
ah - yes -my most favorite morning ritual. she colors. everyday. at her table. after breakfast. it goes like this. we come downstairs, i go potty (still working on getting her to do this first thing - though she's fully potty trained.. she just won't make it a first pit stop) while she opens the blinds, i make coffee, breakfast, we eat, she goes to the art table.oh so intent. each and every morning. coloring in the lines. remarkable.she needs a bigger desk. and more markers. and colors. and art supplies. thank GOD Nana will be here soon! :)
my sweet, sweet Bailey. my boy. every photo i take of him he looks small. he's really not. he's 51 pounds. half greyhound, half american staffordshire. he's an amazing creature. he is just like me. he HATES mornings, and he LOVES coffee. as soon as my husband gets out of bed in the AM, bailey sneaks in with me and we snuggle. hard core snuggle. this is him, after we've made our way downstairs. he hops up on the couch (i will NEVER learn to teach him to stay off of it.. and i hate myself for it. my sofa is RUINED) and he curls up in a ball and tries to make himself invisible. the look on his face in this photo says it all. i don't DO mornings . yeah bailey? neither do i.

i'm reading this. i'm a nerd. i've joined a colleague book club. chapter two? knocked my friggin socks off. i think every mother should read this book, too. it's taught me things about work AND important life lessons. again? i'm only at chapter 3. this is a good thing for me.

my TO DO list for tuesday. notice all the pink? that's a gooood thing. it means i accomplished a good deal yesterday. today? never even got around to writing the damn list. BUT - there is always a chance to do more, tomorrow.

i took a TON more pics on Tuesday and then because the Hump Day got off to an atrocious start - i did not remember to take even ONE photo today. not one. tomorrow. it goes everywhere with me. i won't even mention how bad my day at work was. one of my loyal readers knows. she lived it right along with me. but i'm learning, and growing. and praying. and somehow - these bad days? they just don't hurt so much anymore.

a week in my life...i'm making it a good one. because it has to be. the end.

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Gina said...

:) love it. you are blessed. don't let the crap get in the way. any blessing (i believe) is bigger than the crap. that's because God gives blessing and God is bigger than everything, and full of love. {heart}