week in the life. day five.

the above pic is just for a dear, sweet friend of mine... this is all you get - because, seriously? this is how big MY kitchen really is. that's it.
wow. what an amazing week. though i have not documented everything like i wanted to, what i learned this week? IT'S OK. if you've forgotten my challenge, click here. it's been an awesome ride and i will carry it into sunday. with loads more pics. but for now - let me just list out some highs. i think for once, my highs far outweigh my lows.

  • making connections with new work friends has empowered me. on so many levels.

  • connections with my girl - amazing.

  • seeing mommies at pre-school - that actually want to stop and chat with me. warms my heart. i'm taking it slow - as i don't make mommy friends easily. but i think i will make some lasting friends.

  • struck a deal with K this week about the pre-school pickup. she was crying each time i showed up to pick her up. glad it's this way and not the other. but Lordy! she made the other mommas look at me like i had three eyes. she upheld her end of the deal. pinkie swore on it and everything. her reward? going with me - to the mall - which she promptly reminded me when we pulled up - "momma you don't like this place do you?" me: "nope!" her: "then thanks for bringing me here." we went to carousel. because that's where the disney store is. i am a sucker for a good halloween costume. and this was her reward. being able to pick it out this year. she wanted to be a princess. well, disney does princess like no other - so that's where we went. now i know, mommas reading will say i am CAH-RAAAAA-ZEE for buying a costume there, BUT BUT - everything was 25% off, and she will wear it again and again for dress up. i had to get the WHOLE scha-bang. the glass slippers that light up, the magic wand, the tiara, and a ring that lights up too. it was fabulous. she looks like a princess - truly - a real one. i SO wanted the minnie mouse costume - WAY cute on her. but she had to have the Cinderella. oh the LO's i will do. can't stand it.nothing is too good for my girl. she told me again, on the way out of the mall thank you. and then again on the way home. then promptly turned into and incorrigible 3 year old as soon as we got done modeling for daddy. gotta love mothering.

  • these thoughts are in no way the order in which they occurred. that's what you get with an overtired - still fighting a cold in week two, momma.

  • had - by far - one of the best experiences at work today. ever. in my career. with adp. can't spill the beans just yet. but if everything pans out well for me? it will be huge for me. huge. just huge. seriously. i still can't believe the conversation happened. huge. if it doesn't pan out - i will chalk it up to a wonderful learning experience. i've finally found someone to "attach to" that i think will lead me up the right side of the food chain. could. be. huge. so awesome.

  • my guest dt spot is up at lotus paperie. will have to do a whole diff post on that alone. i'm so totally stoked.

  • received some awesome happy mail this week from my HMSistah over at SISTV. how fun is it to actually get good old fashioned mail? this is the best swap i've yet to sign up for.

  • noticed i really need to work on being a housekeeper. not even better. just housekeeper in general. i've been peeved with my DH on and off for about 2 weeks, and when i get that way - i don't do a damn thing. a dear sweet, sweet, amazing friend of mine blogged the other day about all the things she does for her family and is thinking of titling her challenge - "this is what loving you looks like". that simple line really made me question my duties around here. i love my family. i need to show it more. i need to just do things and not worry about what i'm getting in return. i need to just do it because it's a direct reflection of what loving them is like. i've neglected way too much for way to long in my home - and with my mom soon to become a part of it - i need to love everything a little bit more.

  • yes. my mom. she's coming here. by november 22. to live. for good. initially - she was going to live on her own. but my DH suggested she live with us. times have changed and she has a reason to be happy with us. it will be tough. on all of us. but she's getting older and i've found she's not managing her healthcare well at all. and it's my turn to do that. for her. i want my daughter to know her. and fall in love with her like all little girls should with their nanas. and i hate to admit this outloud at 35 years old.. i need my mommy. really. really. really need her in my life. she's 3000 miles away. and i need her here. now.

  • really really tired these days. and still cannot pin point why. i sleep enough. my job is not overly taxing right at the moment. i'm eating a little better. my labs say my thyroid levels are within normal range. but something's just off kilter. i think maybe i need a new doc.

  • learning the real meaning of blessed. thanks Momma Fence. i hope you know the impact you truly are making on me.

more to come this weekend. i am loving this experiment. i can honestly say, i loved my life this week. i did not have one bad day. in spite of many setbacks... still can't say it was bad. i only learned from everything.

how's your week in the life? still not too late to join along. start today through next friday. oh - and i've got some raks to put together this weekend for a few local and somewhat local chicas....make it a good weekend. because i said so.


Katrina said...

this is a fabulous post, shel!

Gina said...

Shell--you're amazing. {hug}

uh, MOPS? wasn't there...where? you going to the scrappy retreat? see you then if you are!! :)

Gina said...

oh, btw, you have clean dishes! way ahead of me. AND, WOW to the Mom moving in...many prayers for a good transition there.