An Update and some JOY

a pictorial update of sorts and ramblin musings of one tired momma. and it's been since - yes OCTOBER - since i've taken the time to upload photos and because cold medicine gives this momma insomnia. so bear with me. a long, rambly - but CUTE post pictorial!

because every princess on all hallow's eve needs an up-do - Momma makes sure she gets one!
and an up-do turns my sweet girlie into the Princess she was meant to be...holy cute goodness. even her SHOES lit up blue!i somehow squeezed in some time to be crafty...completed some DT Assignments for my LSS... i've been SO neglecting my lovely hobby...
cranked out a few cards. NOT Christmas cards - just some one off cards with scraps. agian - no TIME!

we survived thanksgiving. my mom made it here safely from california and is SLOWLY getting settled in. we've transitioned K to being at home with Nanna full time and that makes for a MUCH happier household. I tried to find some Christmas Spirit - but what i found was another sinus infection, coupled with an ear infection for good company.

and because every Princess REQUESTS a flocked, pink tree with pink lights and pink sparkly ornaments, and sparkyl birds and sparkly butterflies, Momma obliges...(Spends time picking it all out, coordinating the ornaments and such just SO.. spends an HOUR decorating a 4 foot tree in said Princesses room, to find that when Princess goes to bed that very night, to sleep a sweet sleep under her pink sparkly tree- she exclaims to Daddy - "GET THAT THING OUTTA HERE...") Momma obliges HAPPILY because one day, Momma will look back and LAUGH... and know that never a wish went ungranted for a sweet, sweet princess! (ETA: this tree now adorns an antique steamer trunk in my dining area to greet ALL guests who enter. thank GOD they are few and far between... since this tree SCREAMS brothel, complete with feather boa tree skirt! hehehe)

proof we got Nanna settled - we remodeled our 1970's man cave for her! a spare bedroom that had paneling complete with acoustic tile ceiling. CLASS-E! K helped with the painting. oh boy - was she hot stuff! Just LOOK at her mad skillz!!!Then we FINALLY put up our tree. I have yet to take completed pics. but totally plan to. because some day i will complete the december daily i so painstakingly planned for this year. someday. (note to self: learn in 2009 how to take night time photos PROPERLY!)
ad we've been musing on this lil character ALL WEEK! yes i'm THAT neighbor. not normally, but this year it happened. whilst christmas appears to be happenin' on the inside, the ghost of all hallows past is still happenin on the outside. my fall flag is still up on the damn pole, and a 15 pound pumpkin has been overthrown by the squirrel population and i've proof of their destructive behavior! not only did they KNOCK the pumpkin off the step, on to it's side, theyve chewed a hole - and oh that's right, what do you see?yes - they crawl INSIDE... pull goodies out then sit on my deck and spit out seeds, eat, and just make a grand mess! it's quite entertaining and educational for miss K. we are LOVING this in the mornings, as this is when there is the most activity.
so, faithful blog readers. that's it in some pics.
oh and the finding joy part. i find that when i feel well, everything else falls into place. i'm feeling well just in the last 2 days, and somehow, my tree is more beautiful. the christmas music sounds more cheerful. the anticipation of all our little May Family traditions for Christmas are much more exciting. oh and did i mention? pure joy is knowing that as of Friday - i will not have to WORK for 9 entire days! that's is just grand and full of JOY!
expect more updates. it's coming. the holiday spirit has bitten. oh and yeah - 20 bucks bought me thee most gorgeous Holiday dress for one sweet princess...
peace and joy.


Melonie said...

LOL! I am so glad you are back. Look at Miss Kennedy with that hair. B-E-A-Utiful!!! So glad that your Mom is in and transitioned. Even more happy to see that you are feeling better. LOVE the brothel tree:)

Gina said...

Ha! The tree is great...really. ;) My girls would be so jealous.

BTW, you should see the vid of the cranky pants and stinky pants up on stage. OH. MY. Word. I laughed so much that *I* have the kids who are unhappy at the Christmas party. LOL.

Can't wait to hear about K's party. And when are you home? So I can bring you cake balls? ;)

Gigi said...

I'm glad to see that you're back... you always manage to keep me laughing.
Thanks for the update. Kennedy's hair looked so pretty. How funny is that squirrel with the pumpkin! Go ahead and call me "Madam", 'cause I love the brothel tree!

Lori said...

Glad you ar feeling better! Love the update!