Dear Kennedy, Monday.

Dear Kennedy,

IT WORKED! My letter into the sweet universe - WORKED. Well - for one day anyhow. I can't tell you what a PROUD momma I am of you today. Last night, before you fought bedtime, you said... "hey mom. i have an idea. how 'bout i sleep with no pull up tonight and maybe not wet my bed?" I explained to you that I felt this was a fabulous idea, and that you needed to sleep under the covers for a change. (weird issue with not sleeping under ANYTHING but haggard old blankie even when it's 15 below outside) I explained how you had a new mattress, with a new mattress pad, and that if you had an accident - which is OKAY - that we'd only need to change said sheet and mattress pad. You didn't agree. You opted for a pull up. This is still completely okay.

This morning, I woke up extra early, showered, got ready for the day and even got my own breakfast out of the way. By 7, you still were not awake. I went up to get you and you woke up like a new girlie! You were happy, eager to start the day. We came downstairs, changed the pull up - to find... YOU WERE DRY!!!! Completely DRY! I was SO excited. You had a completely, 100% problem free morning. You were excited to go to school, we left early so I could fill up with gas, squeeze in a car wash and we stopped at D&D.

After I dropped you off, Dad called to check in. Because I was out like a light thanks to my Ambien fix last night, Daddy informed me that he heard you up at midnight, you went potty by yourself and got right back in bed like a big girl. I say WAY TO GO LIL MOMMA! You're finally getting it! I was so excited with this progress, we stopped for milkshakes on the way home from school. You were STILL in such good spirits... I relished in it. This makes for a MUCH better day for momma too.

Nanna informed me after I "got home" from work you were an angel allll day!!!! Due to the annoying workers in our yard installing FIOS in the neighborhood (a whole other post for a WHOLE other day), we opted to go out to dinner. Your choice. Once again - you were angelic. Eating and behaving like a "little lady". Today - you make momma proud. I know tomorrow may bring out the other side, but for now, I celebrate you. (well - i celebrate you EACH and every day) I love you. I am amazed by you. I bask in your beauty and am in awe. Keep it up big girl.


(and ps... thanks for asking why momma is so sick. I wish we knew girlie. I REALLY wish we knew. maybe us putting THAT out into the universe will help. And girlie... I sure hope that I am better by Halloween, too. trust me.)


Gina said...

I hope things are changing for the better. You have to love good days like that!

Melonie said...

Welcome to 4! Bad one day and sweet as pie the next! Hope you are feeling better soon.