10 unfinished things hanging over my head

so i googled... "daily blog prompts" and this was the first title that came up. funny.. because unfinished business is VERY heavy on my mind right now. so in a way of putting it out into the universe, so shall it be. below are 10 things unfinished hanging over my head... that i really want to put behind me:

  • my office. it's not a pretty place. and it once was. and should be. is full of inspiration, but void of any motivation. need to declutter and regroup.
  • organizing scrap embellishments. was done once. then a crop came. got all tore up again. needs to be finished again. won't take much time.
  • a place/folder/spot for all of school's comings and goings. i'm the mom that never knows what's going on at school. this is NOT good. (why is it none of the moms there talk to me, 'cept Missy of course. hmmm)
  • decorate bedroom. this has never been done. not once since i moved in with ron - gasp - almost 10 years ago. i've spent the last 6 nights alone in here, kinda like it that way. it needs to be a beautiful place.
  • unfinished conversation with husband. many things need to be discussed. and i need to get on with it.
  • unpacking from trips. i never seem to get this done and looking at my suitcase daily makes me want to run away.
  • my book i'm reading. it's good, just not making the time to finish it.
  • goals for my new position with work. it's been almost one year, and i've still not decided on goals. moving out of the "reactive" mode and moving into my favorite "proactive" mode.
  • Kennedy's room... it's taken on a life of it's own. time to reel it back in.
  • scrapping. reclaim this time in my life. i've not done it really since april. that;s disgusting. honestly disgusting. i need this. it makes me sane.

sounds like a lot? but really? when i read it? if i want any of it badly enough, i can make it happen in a weekend. if i start to feel better, this weekend might just be it!!!! now, off to sleepy land.

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Melonie said...

OOH! I just re-organized our whole life into one little room and it is amazing. I love to organize!! Hope you get lots of things crossed off of your list, especially the time for you (scrapping) thing:)