sweet sixteen.

and no... i'm not talking basketball brackets or even a birthday. i'm talkin pants, ladies and gentlemen. pants. the last time my a$$ saw a size 16 was about 10 years ago. TEN YEARS. now i've not lost a whole lot of weight (about 40 pounds now) but holy crap. that's 4 sizes smaller for me. i was running anywhere from a 20 to 22... ssshhhhhhh! could never shop in misses. was forced to "womens" or the lame giant... i wanted to scream in the dressing room. i simply grabbed a 16 to see how much more i had to go. i put one leg in. pulled them up a bit, realized the other leg would also fit - and then they were up. on my hips. and zipped. without lying down to do it! holy CRAP-A-NOLIE! i am really losing weight. i don't so much care about a number i want to weigh. it's all about how i feel. my first goal was lofty - i wanted to weigh less than my husband. i now do! he's got about 7 pounds on me! my next goal, was to go down a pant size. holy crap! done that, too. now - my next small goal... get below 220. that's all. i'm oh so close. so that will be a piece of cake.

while i hope i'm not sounding boastful - i'm just sharing. i want everyone to join me. everyone who's struggling. i've become a distributor for Herbalife. this was simply so that i could get a discount, but hell, now you can buy from me and join me on this weight loss journey. i have another goal. when i am below 220, i plan to start moving my body. i want to start up a fitness challenge... not sure of how i'm going to do this yet... but stay tuned. and join me would ya? email me for more details... shelleymay@att.net

be good folks - and have a fabulous weekend!


Melonie said...

So proud of you Shell!!

Nibor said...

That is awesome!!!!

Gina said...

That is sooooo awesome! Congrats & keep up the good work!

~MyKaElA~ said...


Tiffanie said...

Hey girl! Congratulations on the pant size..that IS an awesome feeling!!! One day at a time girl, you can do it!

But hey...don't wait until you hit a certain number to pick up fitness...do it NOW and you'll hit that number sooner!! Even if it's just walking a few laps around the park, pretty soon you'll be entering 5ks! :)

Keep up the great work!

Marlene said...

Shelley, you are such an amazing person...and sooooo articulate!!!! I hope that one of these days you will come to Cali and I can meet you!!!!!! I feel enriched by reading your blog!!!! Your enthusiasm is contagious!!!!