the big yellow truck is here...

and it's glowing in the driveway. she pulled in yesterday at about 10:00 am. the husband went and picked it up. we shelled out about 1900 bucks. and began to cram all of our life into the big yellow penske box. i chuckle, because that name.. penske, has been a large part of my work fabric for about the last 12 months. not the moving company, but a different division. i chuckle just the same. anyhow, i digress. the moving has officially begun. as of right now, i write to you from about the only piece of furniture left in the house. my desk. my sweet, handcrafted, scrapping, art table, of a desk my husband so sweet handcrafted for my about 6 years ago. i told all the friends here yesterday helping... whatever you do - don't pack up the desk! this momma has two more days of work left!!!

our life. in a truck. crammed into a big yellow box. it's really quite hard to believe you can condense every memory. every tear. every laugh. every hug. every sweet thing you've ever made with your child into a big. yellow. box. on wheels. that i'm told will only go 70 miles an hour. "when i'm not in a mountainous range." i chuckle. all in that box. and now we are faced with... will it all fit? we still have to cram in the sofas, the beds, the desk, the swingset, the bookcases, the kitchen table, the coffee table... and i think that's it. and there's a fear it won't fit. we sold a 4 wheeler yesterday in under 3 hours on craig's list for fear it wouldn't fit. (forget it was a piece of shit and hardly ran anyhow... it got sold!) yee haw! and this money will be used to pay off momma's 4 wheeler! I say good thinkin lincoln!

this adventure is rockin! we are on the move. and everything is pushing us there with no resistance whatsoever. we are going willfully and with excitement so much so that we cannot sleep. my husband has lost the look of tire and stress around his eyes. he has a look of happy in his face again. that same look i remembered when we got married. funny - i had actually forgotten he once looked that way - until it showed itself again. that was such a sweet memory. having him home this week, too, has been awesome, as this is what i get. every day. from here on out. i get to have him. everyday. here. with us. he will be working from home too. our quality of life is good. pure goodness. just us. the three of us. together. no stress. just us. ding what we love and being where we love. exploring and creating a new life together. i'm liking the way this looks so far. and we're not even there yet.

we're just in the big yellow box and already the sun is shining in my driveway. and life is good.

peace and be good people.


Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

I am going to miss you so much!!! I meant to get out to see you again this week but with school, kid's appts, kid's activities, Matt working out of town a few days, and other stuff.. well, it got away from me! I wanted you to know that I will be thinking of you and your family and hope that we can meet up again someday! You have been a great friend to me here and I will miss those hysterical days of scrapping together. I will think about all the good times we had and keep in touch on Facebook or by email! HUGS! Send pics to us and keep in touch! I *heart* you!

Lori said...

I am so happy to have met you thanks to We B. You will be missed. I wish the best for you and your family. I know you all got there safely, wish we could have had our "dinner" before you left. Keep in touch! Love ya girl!