blowing the dust off. it's simple.

yes. i know. i said i write. i'd send postcards. i'd call you from the road. the truth is. it's not you. it's me. i went off and found a life. i've been busy. really, it's not you.. no no no. stop it. just listen. it's me. i've found someone new. someone who does more for me. someone who gives me what i need. someone who understands me. someone who... who... someone who completes me.

i moved across the country in order to do it. and yup. lo and behold. i found me. i found a life. it was there all along. waiting underneath blue skies and zero humidity and big puffy, white, angelic clouds. bend, oregon. we're here, we're settled, and we're making a life. it's been a whirlwind. we love it. and we are setting roots so deep it takes my breath away some days. i catch my self some days with butterflies in my stomach like the first time i went on a date as a child. now that we are getting closer to school starting, we are fitting in more structure starting this week. we've let it go. and it was good. but now it's time to rope it back in and get back to schedules and structure and calm. my girl needs it. i need it. poppa needs it.

in all my blog surfing that i do, one woman i admire the most, that i very rarely comment on her blog (sorry lee , i'm a horrible lurker, i know!) posted last week, a challenge, i just loved, so i wanted to emulate and take inspiration from her. i felt this idea, which she found from elsie last summer, was just what i needed to jump start me into the school year and kick off fall. i need a little push back into organization. thanks, lee!! you're a superhero momma, in my book. i'm so sad our stars did not align when we were in the same time zone, and just hours drive apart, but should i ever get to toronto on business again, we will for sure hook up. so follow me along on 4 simple things...my own simple and doable challenge:

FINISH: there are just a few more boxes that need to be unpacked. just unpack them already. and put things away where they belong. there are a few piles in the storage closet in the kitchen and in my bedroom that need a home. just put them away already. there are plenty of empty closets and cupboards in this home. that's a first. plus, my mother in law will be here in a few weeks, i want her to see what a beautiful home this is...

RESTART: stealing this one from lee. restart my healthy eating and nutrition guidelines. i was doing so very well. i've lost a solid 40 pounds since january. 40 pounds. that's huge. HUGE! no pun intended. no reason i cannot keep that momentum going. i need to refocus and really look at not just for me, but for the family as a whole, what are we putting into our bodies?

CREATE: create more regularly. this one is already in action. oregon has jumpstarted my creativity. art is all around. it is everywhere. i have made several things since i have been here. i have ventured out and made some new friends, even. i am so excited about what is in my future here in bend.

EXPLORE: living in a new town, it's important to explore. i often times drive around and purposely try to get myself lost, simply to see if i can find my way home. i haven't gotten lost yet. this is a good sign i'm grounded and right where i need to be. i am in awe of the beauty of my town. there is literally art on every street corner. i am astounded by this every day. it simply takes my breath away. i need to get out more with my camera and explore and document this so i can share it with my out of town friends.

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what are your simple and doable things for august? will you share them with me?

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