First Grade

Dear Kennedy,

The last month and a half has been full of getting into a routine and learning (for all of us) how to be a first grader. You are fitting in quite well, I must say. You were so excited to start school, telling me on the first day, you didn't need a hand held at all, because you were a big girl. I die a little bit inside each time I hear this. My apron strings are loosening, and I'm sad, but at the same time, I grow with such a sense of pride, that I've sent you out into this world to be such a strong, independent little person. a pretty great contributor to society.

You struggled in the first few days with schedules and getting ready in the morning. While I knew immediately this was not like you, I knew to look deeper. I brought out of you in casual conversations, you were overwhelmed. You were having a hard time "fitting in". You went from 1/2 kindergarten and no recess, to a 7 hour day, with recesses and lunch. This transition is HUGE! So we coached you on making friends, fitting in, and being a part of a group. Learning that you were the little girl sitting alone on the playground eating lunch by herself? Broke my heart and made me want to homeschool you forever. I worked with your teacher closely and we quickly got you past that small bump in the road. You now have two BFFs - Ellie and Ava. Miss Gleeson says you are the finest threesome in the class... remarkable little girls, she said!

Your teacher - wow... have we gotten lucky two years in a row! Miss Gleeson is a DOLL! She is young and ambitious and eager to teach. She has recognized you are hungry for knowledge and she is willing to send you additional homework to keep you motivated with your advanced reading skills. This is all very exciting for us. I have already started helping out with projects in the classroom and have volunteered to be Miss Gleeson's room parent! We are loving Ponderosa!

We had your first parent-teacher conference last night. WOW! Once again - you floored us with your skills. You are way above the curve in reading and getting far above the curve in Math. Miss Gleeson has already started you on the 2nd grade sight words list. (I didn't have the heart to tell her just yet, I think you know those already too!) You passed each competancy test from the state with 100 and we are just so amazed at what you are capable of.

Your homework so far is to just read every night for 20 minutes. This is never enough for you. we read 4-6 books a night. I am at the library once a week now loading up on books, in addition to the 2 you bring home from school each week. You set yourself a personal goal in October to read 100 books by the end of the month. By the 10th, you had read 30... I think you can do it! I love that you share this passion of mine to read!

You also LOVE and adore your music teacher, Miss Sue. We are so thankful you get music twice a week in addition to Music and Movement on Wednesdays. These days are highlights of your week. Your voice is really being cultivated!

Keep up your passion for school, sweet girl. There is more fun around every corner.

and THIS is what 1st grade looks like on you!!!

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