• i weigh 223 pounds
  • this is 42 pounds less than i weighed a year ago
  • i ate better today
  • i had no soda
  • i did not snack
  • i only had one cup of coffee today
  • i exercised for 34 minutes
  • i did 14 modified push ups
why does this matter? read on...

WOW. what a day. holy cow am i sore. so yeah. this last year i dropped 42 pounds. i refused to have any physical activity in my life. why you ask? because it hurt. because i was scared. because i couldn't breath. because i was full of excuses. and then there was that whole cross country move thing. i found some happiness. but still lacking something.

now don't get all excited. i'm not jumping on a bandwagon to get healthier because it's a new year. i don't consider any of this a resolution. nope. being fit and being healthy is needed. it's required in order to live in bend, oregon. why? have you SEEN bend, oregon? i'm missing out on my city if i can't be out and be active and experiencing bend, oregon. period. hands down.

oh yeah, but then there's the whole health thing. i have grave's disease. i have no thyroid, therefore metabolism and i don't get along. i have fibromyalgia. i have asthma. among many other things i won't bore you with. but what i have learned? i refuse to allow any of these things to define me. i never have. i keep a sense of humor about me. i can only survive this shit with humor.

so, i'm doing life. it's a 12 week challenge. watch ben's video first. i was inspired by ben. i hope you will be too. and maybe join me, follow me, encourage me. the challenges are listed on the forums, you've got to register, pay 10 bucks that helps with sending prizes to the weekly challenge winners. and do life damnit. it's that easy.

today? i focused on eating well, dropped the soda, added in water, and stayed moving almost all. day. long. i did 14 push ups. 14 more than i did yesterday. granted, they were modified, and probably very half-assed, but i did the best with what i have, and it's a start. i did this via the biggest loser workout plan on my kinect. i am hurting to the CORE. and i only worked out 34 minutes today. i put away all christmas decor today. i did laundry, i cleaned house, i grocery shopped. i. am. tired.

check back. i'm blogging about it daily.

peace and be good.


Amy Harle said...

You, my dear? Are a rock star!! I'm so proud of you for doing this. Stay strong, lovely friend!! Happy New Year. And, oh...I miss you :)

shelley said...

Thanks, Amy! I'm about to feel like one, I'm sure... right Mrs Ironwoman??? miss you too, chickie!!! hugs!

Anonymous said...

GOOD for YOU!! I'll be cheering you every step (and push up and sit up) along the way :)

Melonie said...

SO proud of Shell! Always cheering you on...even if you can't hear me. Happy New Year my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Shelley! Love that you are doing this. I have vowed to start moving more myself! Take care of you and stay strong!