the look

i don't quite know when it began. but i know it's genetic. i know she can't be faulted for it. and i certainly don't blame her for it. and i won't ever. but already? she's defined by it. and i hate it. i loathe it. because it's judgemental and unfair. already, it determines how an entire day is going to flow. it garners her a spot at the "in table". or the not so "in table". it earned me a spot at the "table" with the teacher this week. we are trying to sort out.... "The Look."

here it was, as i discovered at about 2 years old. i discovered this last night looking through some old photos. memory serves me right and tells me this look began even before 2.

she is now having trouble with the look in school. oh no, and rest assured. it's not just her. i love that my family thinks it's just her. and that it's all my fault. (oh, you didn't know? yep. i have the look too. go figure.)nope. news flash! believe it or not? other children do this! they do! i swear! the teacher told me - and this was hilarious. there are two other little girls that she is friends with, and they are both very sweet girls, too, just like kennedy. but also very smart, strong, dynamic, dramatic girls. they also possess the look. they have "look-downs". i visualized this as the old time country western duals. but instead of guns? pardners? draw yer looks!!

so, this is yet again our focus. hold your look. and your tongue. and focus on the word think:

T - is it true?
H - is it helpful?
I - is it inspiring?
N - is it necessary?
K - is it kind?

I found a fabulous printable on Pinterest that i sent the teacher for this and she is going to post it in the classroom... and we're working on the look... she's fierce. i'm not ashamed of it. but it's a big misconception that because we've got a look that we're a mean individual. we're fierce. we're compassionate. we're full of empathy. and i dare you to befriend us. we're the strongest one you'll ever have at your back.

peace and be good.

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WillieburgScrapper said...

Ah yes- the look. I think I have the same problemp I do it too- it comes up all that time- especially when people lie. LOVE the writing on this post. That baby is a cutie!!! If I got that look I would die laughing and immediately pick her up and give her a hug- which would probably warrant another look- it would be a long hug fest.