WOW. i mean really. just. wow. TWO years. two years ago, today, i was getting dressed in my overly sized, gi-normous cozy pink maternity sweats, a comfy top, that barely had enough cotton and lycra to cover my ever expanding by the minute belly, making sure all the new mommy items were packed in THEE bag, having my "final" meal of junky, fat laden, fast food, and driving over the river and through the woods, to community general hospital we go. wow. i was getting ready to go have a baby. ME. who just 18 months prior, never thought getting pregnant was even a remote possibility. (2 years, no protection, EVER. yeah, didn't think it was in the cards.) amazing what having a sick and twisted and defective thyroid removed from your body can do to your fertility karma!!!

i can still recall her BIRTH day like it was yesterday. i was spoiled. though i got to experience the joy of pregnancy, i can't say i got to experience the joy.. wait, excruciating pain, of labor. i was HUGE. and i don't mean i gained too much weight with said baby. i mean my belly was HUGE. unnaturally huge. so, because i am a big girl to begin with, the dr and midwife naturally assumed we would have gestational diabetes. no, no one believed Gary, my lovely sonographer who at week 30, i got to see once a week.. that said baby.. was HUGE. doc kept saying, he's usually over estimates to be on the safe side. nope. not this time.

so, we check in, at 1:00pm. get settled into our suite. (community is like the Ritz Carlton of birthing wards) i get comfy. i had a scheduled induction on the 10th. they didn't want me to go past said due date, due to said, big belly. they begin the induction. that natural hippy suppository stuff. yeah. whatever. apparently, i go into labor. or so the fetal monitor tells the nurses. i am uncomfortable. i feel like i have gas. they ask.. "honey, you're sure you don't feel these? they look pretty strong." Nope, not me! Can i have a diet coke? hahaha

so, they slip me a pregnancy safe mickey, to help me sleep. yeah. i think they slipped it to the husband as he slept juuuuust fine. i on the other hand tossed and turned and had leg cramps all night. husband SNORED enough to rattle the floor! the day goes on... NOW mind you... because i am high risk and chance for a c-section, they're not letting me eat much. i finally send the husband out for some contraband. spicy chicken sandwich from wendy's and a fruit bowl. while he's gone... it's about 4pm on the 11th... the doc comes for a visit. so, 23 hours and no aggressive labor, no dilation, nothing. we talk about pitocin. i told him he was on drugs and that he was going to take this baby. i was exhausted and there was no way in HELL i was going to push said large baby out of my crotch. no way in HELL. he said at this point, it was up to me, and if i wanted a c-section, i could have one. but would have to wait until 8:00pm. he asked if i had eaten? i told him i had a banana and a snickers bar at 3:00...it was really right before he walked in, and i lied, since i knew there had to be an 5 hour span between food and surgery. apparently, my banana and snicker bar were the topic of laughter with the docs and nurses during their meetings that night. no chicken sandwich. damn.

finally. surgery. get all suited up. epidural. check. hubby comes in. check. surgery begins. doc and nurses are crackin up, having a good ol time. teasing me. joking with us. doc begins to pull out said large baby. he exclaims... "so glad you talked me into this c-section.. no WAY you could have pushed out these shoulders." they pull her, and pull her, and pull her.. then it all gets very quiet..."i ask what's wrong..." doc states she's very dark skinned..." my hubby and i, in unison... "i'm a 1/4 indian" "he's a 1/4 indian!!!" huge amounts of laughter, and then a cry. the most beautiful sound i have ever heard my entire life. and she just stopped. just like that. she was here. AND THEN... I WAS MOMMA. and yeah, said baby big? said baby girl was 10lbs 9 ounces and 22 inches long. TODDLER sized. HUGE!!!

fast forward two years. thee most amazing child. not only brilliant, but the most empathetic two year old i have ever known. has manners, says, yes please, no thank you,always asking if you are okay, do you feel better... i mean just amazing. gorgeous. the biggest brown eyes that can just soak you in forever. a sweet sweet smile that causes her entire face to smile.. and dimples? too sweet. she's got rhythm, and constant song in her heart, and is destined to do great things. she is wise beyond her years. her senses are keen and her wit is already sharp. at two.

wow. i am amazed i have done this. that i am doing this. what an amazing way to spend mother's day. celebrating the birth of my child... and honoring the fact that i am now a momma. this ride is more than i could have ever asked for. can't wait to see what happens in the third year.

i love you baby girl...


Cheryl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kennedy !!!!!!!!

Just as well for C sections is all I can say !!! You wouldn't know she had been soooo big at birth she looks like a little doll and a VERY bright little button. HAve a GREAT time celebrating her birthday and take lots of pics !!

Eminepala said...

Happy birthday to your baby ;)

My girl is 2,5 years old.. So I know HOW you feel ;)

Enjoy it


Anonymous said...

Shelley - What a great view of Kennedy's birth - copy this and make it hidden journaling on her 2nd birthday page. What memories!
and what a momma you are!