saturday stuff

phew. what a busy day. cleaned the bathroom. did loads and loads and loads, and did i say loads of laundry? LOADS. did dishes. at least three times. can someone in my next life, please get me a dishwasher? i have not had one in six years, people. my hands are aging at a rapid warp like speed. i baked a birthday cake for my girl. was too too cute. pink pink and more pink. we took it over to my brother's house and did the happy birthday thing. kennedy was SO excited to blow out the candles, she had to blow out ALL of Auntie Amy's candles she had lit all over the house. it was too cute. she LOVED the whole thing. the cake, the candles. it was priceless. of course i snapped almost an entire roll of film. then we played outside for a bit, did the snuggie on the sofa tonight, and... she sleeps.... ahhhh. back to the basement. more laundry to finish and i am going to start packing for my trip. and i am SO wanting to make an ugly doll... i picked up some funky trims and lace tonight at wal mart... can't beat 10 cents a yard for some of it! i am seriously going to take like an hour and rummage through the trim section... 10 cents to 2 bucks a yard for some gooood trims! man i love dumpster divin the fabric dept at wally world!

ok, to the basement. hope everyone had a splendiforous saturday!



Cheryl said...

Glad little Kennedy had a great birthday, blowing out the candles is what it is all about at that age :)
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day, Shelley and not too much work!!!


Eminepala said...

Wow you did a lot.. You remind me that I NEED TO DO THE LAUNDRY AS WELL OOPS...

happy mothersday


Holly Terra said...

ooohhh an UGLY doll!
I can't wait to see it!
I think you should give it 3 eyes.. with long eyelashes!

And where is the picture of this pretty pink cake???

Anonymous said...

UGLY Doll and laundry - we need to get you out of the house more! - saw you shopping at We B - what did you find? hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip, learn lots, and come back with oodles of ideas!

ps today is Monday - laundry day for me!

Gigi said...

Why is it that the laundry never stops coming? Have a great & safe trip!

Melonie said...

Love your blog Girl! Glad Kennedy had a super day! I will definately be checking in here regularly!

Nicole Carro said...

First off, I'm checking out the fabric dept. at my Wally World now, I never thought I could satisfy my lace addiction THERE, thanks Shell!
Glad Kennedy's Birthday was a success! Can't wait to see your LOs about her big day!