so, one would think, after two years of this.. i'd have mastered the whole take kennedy to the park thing? not so much! see the timing of her birth.. she's a May baby... on her first birthday, she still wasn't walking, so we never took her that summer. by the time she began to walk, it was too cold. the winters, she didn't get to play outside too much.. especially this one.. too cold... (or we are too paranoid, i'll go with the latter) so i have a day off today. i take her to the park. there are some WILD children running around. and quite honestly, they freaked her out! they freaked me out too.. this being the wild part. growling at her, crouching in her face and telling her to hurry up... and the parents just looking on, laughing. wow. i mean, am i wrong to think that was inappropriate? i really think it was. but i still consider myself new at this. this whole parenting thing.

so, instead, we walked a little. she wanted to see the "ocean" aka the polluted lake of onondaga county, then we did the swings. then a preschool showed up.. with teachers who barely spoke english... momma high-tailed it right out of there. so is it me just being a new mom and wanting to constantly protect my girl from rude, incorrigible little children, or am i being paranoid? i need to socialize the poor child, but am scared to death to let children be mean to her! oi vay.. the joys of parenthood!!!

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Eminepala said...

aw sweetie
I know how you feel... I'm a new MOM too... It's not paranoic... You are just a loving and caring mother... It will go better.. The summer is coming and you have plenty of time to get her socialized ;)
Don't worry