do YOU have ESPN?

ok, so i was tagged by my super talented online friend, katrina http://katyat34.typepad.com/being_30something/ (who still has not added me to her sidebar of REALLY cool blog friends....hahaha) to update my blog... i just feel as though i haven't had anything enlightening or remotely fun to rant about lately.... but my best friend has been on my mind a lot today... so i present to you.. oh faithful and small group of blog readers.. an ode to Joaney....

the ESPn title? a silly joke between my very best friend and i. we have now been friends for WOW... 19 years. yes, it was 9th grade. we were in algebra. she was a not so nice girl in my class who used to give the teacher a hard time and chat up a storm with her buddy tenika.i caught her cheating off of my work one day and asking me for help. i said, "sure, help yourself to my answers, i'm failing this class." it was all too apparent she had been cheating off of me for quite some time. she too, was failing the class. we became fast friends. we had such different lives, but so parallel at the same time. we had different friends. different interests. but something bonded us. some sort of E.S.P.n as we call it. we are in tune with one another. we just know. we know when we need to make one another's phone ring. we just know. why? i don't know. it's like a compelling force that often times makes me pick up the phone if only to tell her i was thinking about her and i love her. i often marvel at our friendship. we've only spent physical time together maybe a combined two weeks in the last 10 years? i missed her first wedding. i was too busy smoking pot and drinking. i didn't think she should be getting married. and i told her that many years later, after she divorced. i had a bad feeling and that i didn't have the courage or wisdom to tell her that 12 years ago. i missed her second wedding. but i was there in her heart and that of her new husband's. he is her other half. her completion. and i knew it in my heart. she missed my wedding. but she was there. it was her i felt standing beside me even though she wasn't. she lives in the south. i live in the north. we couldn't be more different. i often wonder how i can be so lucky. she is my sister that was chosen for me. i attribute my life to her on several different occasions, she's talked me in off the ledge. so, the ESPN? i know when she's going through a rough spot. she knows when i'm going through it. she's coming to spend a week with me the end of this summer and i feel like i am 16 again. we are going to a concert together while she's here. already planning our outfits... what we'll do before the concert... i guess a last ditch effort at reclaiming our youth... since her son asked... "mom, do you and aunt shelley really think you're all that?" she replied, "yes, all that AND a bag o' chips." yo!

so tell me.. who's your ESPn connection? do you know what i mean? who's the one person you can't go a day without connecting? do you realize how grateful you should be to have that one person? tell me about it... i'm trying to get some traffic to my site...so tell your friends, tell the famous... come read me... i will meander through my comments and pick my fav.. the one that reaches deepest to my soul and inspires me... and send a lil RAK... posts must be made by 12 midnight eastern time, saturday july 14th.

and we are teaching kennedy the "what up dog" hand tap.... pretty cute for a 2 year old... to go, "uh" (top hand tap) "uh" (bottom hand tap) "wassupdawggie" (front hand tap) (think hand in a fist, uh uh what up dog?) yeah, she pretty much rocks.


Melonie said...

Yes! I have ESPN with my Sister! No great story behind it. It's just that we were born of the same womb and just know, ya know??? Of course you know! You are lucky enough to have that ESPn person too! Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I have many friends who touch my heart and soul. Two really ground me, though we have very different political beliefs- Nancy and Judy. I've known Nancy the longer, since I was a newbie teacher. I've watched her children grow, and her grow and gain new strength. She and I can talk about anything but politics ( She is a staunch Republican and thinks the liberal press spreads lies) Other than that we are sisters at heart. My friend Judy is such a special person - she is so wise in many ways, so rational, so spiritualand so quick witted. She makes me laugh, is a wonderful listener, can quote scripture. We went through some similar circumstances as young women - we met when we were in our 40's. She is special in a way most people wouldn't see. We are lucky as Women to have these bonds of friendship. We need to celebrate them more often.

Glad to see you are posting again, Shel!

Brenda said...

I too have many dear friends and when I think about it we all seem to have ESPN to some degree. I can look back and see how each of them helped me through a stage in my life that I was struggling with. A few of those special people are:
Anne- helped me with my first love. We would stay up hours into the night talking on the phone (she listening to me complain about boys)
Tricia- dealing with moving out on my own for the first time. Home sick bad time!
MaryRuth- moving to a new town blues. We both moved to the same town and had a passion for Scrapbooking that we shared. We use to talk about wanting children (infertility issues for us both).
And currently I would have to say that my ESPN Friend is Alyson.
I met her when my husband got his first massage. She is a massage therapsyt. My hub sceduled me a much needed massage with Alyson. I think I spent the whole hour talking her head off while she did the massage. I guess I was a bit nervous having a stranger touching me. LOL. But we hit it off. She and I call to chat...she showed me how to do text messaging for the first time (I am slow when it comes to the cell phone thing), and now we text all the time!!! She called me the other day to gripe about the bus system in our town (our husbands work for the bus system) and it was great to chat with her about how frustrating it is for our husbands working for them. She has called me when I am feeling low or just need someone to cheer me up after dealing with a toddler all day long. Her son is 2 years older than mine so she reminds me that the behavior dosn't last forever.
Thanks for this post. It is good to remember our friends and be greatful!

Alyson said...

I would have to say my long term ESPn friend is my best friend Mikey, we have been though a lot together. High school, our fun & flirty 20's, an abusive boyfriend, (he even helped me with a midnight move when things got to be too much) and my 1st marriage. His on again off again relationship with his girlfriend, college and getting into a career as a pilot. We even dated at one point, (I was his 1st), but we got through it all, together. We are now both married to wonderful people. We got married with in 3 months of each other and even had our 1st children within a few months of each other. Through it all I have always had his back and he has always had mine. Our boys are now best friends and I hope that there friendship will remain as strong as ours has.

Jennie said...

my espn connection is with my best friend ann! she and i have been best friends for over 26 years! there is a line in a movie that reminds me of her... "without her i don't make sense"!

so true! she is the best friend ever!

Katrina said...

ahem...go look at my blog list.

:) :) :) :)

Tricia said...

I have a few friends that I have ESPN with! I can't wait to hear about your visit Shelley!!!

Now....who won your challenge from these wonderful stories??? LOL