the meals.. so far...

the first night of meal planning was subs. i neglected to take pics. but they were quick, easy, and fabulous. wegman's deli rocks and they always have the best selection of meats and cheese. i picked up a half a pound of each - garlic & sage turkey, peppercorn turkey, & peppercorn ham. some awesome kaiser rolls fresh from the bakery - easy-peasy. done.

tonight was my night to try a new recipe. chili was fabulous. i used this recipe. not only was it easy? it was fabulous. i doubled it so i will have plenty of leftovers. i say I - because hubs did not like it and daughter did not either. oh well. more leftovers for me and a lesson taught to the girlie. if she does not eat what is served at dinner, she will not get anything else for the night. she will eat breakfast the following day. sounds harsh, but she will learn eventually. i refuse to cook many different meals. period. and that is ok. and it is me being MORE.

had to photo the chili ingredients, and then, after much drama about what was being served for dinner, i neglected to take a pic of the final outcome. you'll have to trust me.. it looked pretty and the cornbread was just like the real deal from the restuarant!

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Gina said...

Don't you just hate when you make something and you're the only one who likes it? Ugh! It happens to me all the time too and it drives me nuts.