you must have things rolling around inside your head...

as said to me by my husband when i was caught photographing the meal i was about to prepare. he just doesn't get it. i explained to him, i was "of the norm" in blog-world. he still - just doesn't get it. i just laughed and told him to leave me alone. i was thinking of a good blog post.

so - the new year. phew. it finally came. the holidays were a bust and i am SO glad they are over. many things in my life were confirmed and hit me like a ton of bricks. i took a good look at all of it, and finally realized and learned - how i feel about things? it IS ok. period. nuff said. i am no longer going to live a life hoping others will include us and make us feel welcome. i am no longer going to put my time and family aside to accommodate others schedules. i'm over it. and it IS ok. big, major life lessons learned. finally. phew. new year. stronger values. stronger commitment to be a better me. i follow Ali's blog regularly and have participated in her "one little word" idea each year. this year? MORE. more about us. more time. more organization. more play. more love. more of what we love. more confidence. more motivation. more acceptance of the things i cannot change. just plain more. more blogging. more creativity. more me so i can give more to them. more. i welcome it.

along those lines and that being said...

one thing i've always struggled with is meal planning. most of you that follow me, know i work from home full time. fabulous as that might seem, i do not sit around and eat bon-bons all day long. i do not get to do laundry and housework during the day. i am a slave to my job every day. working from home, you have an inability to shut the work off. it becomes tough to draw the line. and the worst thing? i don't have time alone, after work, to drive home, blare the music, stop for a coffee, and decompress from my day. that precious time is exactly that - precious. i get done with work, i shut off the computer, and i'm on. i'm mom. i shut the office door, walk downstairs, and there they are. everyone. waiting for me to decide what to have for dinner. waiting for me to orchestrate the evening. dinner, playtime, bath, preparing for the next day, housework, laundry. it just all waits for me.

i've taken a step to alleviate this stress from my world. i am committed to planning dinner menus out. this way, there is never a question. there is no double duty in meal cooking - making something different for everyone. here's the menu. you don't like it? you will go hungry until breakfast. done. so far - so good! we are past day two. here's my approach:
  • keep it simple
  • try one new recipe per week
  • write down the meals
  • make a list for groceries needed
  • blog about it. (here's my accountability factor!)

here's the menu for the week. I will plan menus Saturday morning before heading to the store:

  • Sat Night - Subs and Chips with side of fruit (I opt for the good deli meat and buy 3-4 diff kinds to give everyone a choice)
  • Sun Night - Chili. Found my recipe for this on KraftFoods.
  • Mon Night - Grilled Chicken Wraps with a side of fresh fruit
  • Tue Night - Twice Baked Loaded Potatoes & Salad
  • Wed Night - Pasta & Salad
  • Thu Night - Pork Loin, Roasted Potatoes, Salad
  • Fri Night - Frozen Pizza & Salad

so that's what we've been up to. new year. more goodness.

keep checking back. i'm full of inspiration and ideas and might even tackle a project or two very soon.