today B the day...

i have a hangover. and no, not of the alcoholic nature. of the scrapping nature. now i know.. any non-scrappers reading this ... you just don't get it. it's like this. you feel creative. you sit down in your studio to create something. yes, you sit down at 11:00pm. you create. and then it comes on stronger, and you create more. you create create create... then you say... holy SHIT! it's 3:00AM. so you leave the studio a disaster... a pathway out the door. and you go to bed. you wake up a few hours later, because it's still the work week and you've got one more day to put in. and you physically feel.. hungover. you even have the shakes! woah. need coffee!!!

so... TODAY is THEE day.. We B will annouce their online/kit club/design team!!! i don't think i have a shot in hell.. but i did it anyhow. check out the gallery here... http://www.webscrappin.com/forums/PhotoPost/showgallery.php?cat=516
the suspense is REALLY killin me! i mean REALLY!!! so anyhow.. off to get some much needed coffee and then pretend to work for most of the day... it's going to be tough, but i will pull it off somehow!

happy damn friday!

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Eminepala said...

Woohoooo congrats to you to sweetie...