So, I am fortunate and honored to be an Island Girl for We B Scrappin. This is my LSS and not only are the owners, Pam and Kathy, top notch... the customer service you get is a force to be reckoned with. They always welcome you in with a big smile and that is even from Judy, Pam's Mom, when she is hiding under the cash register from the UPS and FedEx men!!!

The products in that store are so versatile, eclectic and just plain fun. And if I don't see something I want, a simple mention to the girls, and POOF, it's ordered for you! Now that is just awesome.

The latest, most coolest, most greatest addition to We B, is the Message board and KIT CLUB!!! This KIT ROCKS!!! Nicole is the one who puts all of these yummy goodies together for you... i mean just plain gorgeous.. so yummy.. you want to eat them up! I suggest you wander on over to the Island... NOW.. and check them out! A feature has recently been added to the Kit Club page, that allows you to see past months kits! I have been thrilled with each and every one so far! Not to mention the reasonable price... for the amount of quality items you get in the kits... TOTALLY worth it! Let me not forget to mention the awesome friendships that are to be found on the message boards. I can honestly say, I think I've met some lifelong friends already! The ideas and inspiration you find on that board... AWESOME! AND.. did I mention we were International!????? Yeah, that's right.. WE REALLY ARE A BIG DEAL!!!

So... I demand you.. GO HERE NOW!!!!

You will not be sorry!

Happy Friday!!!


Jennie said...

thanks! i will have to check it out!

Cheryl said...

GREAT plug for WE B , Shelley !!!
I second it all :)

Nicole Carro said...

Way to rock the We B endorsement...Seriously people, it's a great place!!! Oh and Miss Shelley I'm tagging you so check out my blog and check your little mailbox this week for some scrappies from me:)

Holly Terra said...

Ha! Too funny.
Yep- we're pretty much a big deal.