Oh my.. Miss Stacy Julian... I *heart* you!

long blathering post... beware...

It all began in February. the pre-registration for CKC Buffalo. i had been the year before. still considering myself a newbie. i wasn't excited to see the "celebs".. couldn't pick most of them out from the crowd. this year... I'm an old-timer. deep in the trenches of supply hoarding and the like. come on.. you ALL know what i mean. don't deny it. you do it to. and i follow the "celebs" daily. yes, i have coffee with Ali, Cathy, Donna, Heidi, Stacy, Tara... in that order, since i have my favorites alphabetized. i feel like i know them. i post comments, most times. but i feel like a stalker. but then i realize, you know what? these are just normal people. just like me. they blog. i blog. they create. i create. i have musician love affairs in my head. so does CZ. hey, it's a common thread. if we lived near each other.. they would WANT to be my friends... hahahaha, I'm just that cool!

all kidding and smartassedness aside. this weekend, while at CKC.. i fell in love. i fell hard. i took Stacy Julian's class, "Finish Line Scrapbooking". all i can say is.. wow. that woman. she. amazed. me. period. i was in such a good place mentally and so happy to be at that convention, which left my mind open and ready to soak up any new knowledge like a sponge. and i did. i had bought Stacy's book a while back.. and i just wasn't getting it. you see, i am the type of learner that has to read it, do it, see it done, and talk about it. and that's when i get it. the personal touch she gave to each one of us in class was amazing.

she began by telling me how cute my purse was... of course.. it's an elisalou.. and then when class began... she came over, sifted through my pictures.. and she got it. right away. she got it. she teared up.. she had me bawling. just by looking at the pictures, no lo's, no journaling, she got what i was saying through my pictures. that just rocked. i then began her process and felt so friggin refreshed. like i was given a new lease on scrapping. permission to just let go.and i did. and i DID trust her. she then came back and looked at me completely lo's and told me i was really getting it. and one caught her eye.. and she said.. "WOW! I've GOT to lift that! what an idea!!!" i was blown away.

so, miss Stacy.. if you're reading... you touched my life. i was a lurker on your blog. but I'm now coming out of the closet. i am a full fledged stalker. hehehehe kidding. i just want you to know how amazing i think your perspective is and you've become a wonderful role model for me. i told my girlfriends that very weekend.. that I WILL work for you someday. it's inevitable. i will leave my wonderful career behind to come work for Simple ANY DAY!!! heck, I'd even do it part time, in addition to my FT gig! you just ROCKED my world that much.

so.. a huge, heartfelt thank you to you and your class. my spirits have been lifted when i needed it most and my mind will not stop spinning with amazing ideas. I've been writing notes and drawing sketches DAILY now. (good way to kill time on boring conference calls) i really do hope you teach this class again somewhere that i can attend. what do i have to do to get you to MY LSS???????????

so faithful readers (what, do i have like 5?) TRUST ME. i will be preachin the Finish Line Gospel.


and you will never look back!


Brenda said...

I live in Spokane only 15 minutes from Stacy...and like you when I first started scrapbooking I didn't know the celebs. Shortly after I moved to Spokane I met my great friend MaryRuth on Two Peas in a Bucket and found out that she too had just moved to Spokane. She would talk about Stacy Julian all the time....I had no idea who she was and I have to admit that I thought that my new friend was a bit obsessed. Then after a year she got a job at the LSS and the owner new Stacy personally. My Friend got to meet her when some of her pages were being considered for the Simple Scrapbooking Mag and then Stacy offered her a position to be her assistant! MaryRuth always would say "I want to work for Stacy Julian. That would be my dream job!" and it came true!!!
She has since moved to a different State and had to quit being Stacy's assistant but is still in contact with her and her cute family.
I have had the opportunity to see Stacy around my town from time to time with her family. She is so down to earth and fun.

I am glad that I found your blog...and sorry for such a long comment.

Michele said...

Shelley, I don't have anything cool to say like Brenda did but I too met Stacy this past CKC in Buffalo at her Backstage party. it was the best event/class of the weekend for me. Stacy is so down to earth, funny (very funny) and cute as a button...she tried to get across her theory from The Big Picture in an hour or so, tough job but I did buy her book and got little Trey to autograph it as well :-)

Your story is so inspirational, and I love your writing style...I can only imagine your scrapping style!

From Canada,

Jennie said...

thanks so much for the powerful post! i love that feeling... you know the one... where you know... that from this day forward you will never be the same!

follow your dreams! you too, can be a stacy!

i know maryruth, the wonderful person that brenda talked about, and she inspires me... and she was inspired my stacy.

also, it was me that sold you stickles and taught you the cute purple and green tag make and take in buffalo! so great to get to know you better!

bsgirl said...

Ok..I'll admit it, the ONLY scrap celeb I have ever heard of is Elsie. Nope, I don't buy mags, I don't checkout 'big' online galleries...I'm afraid I wont ever have an original idea... ever again.. in my life... if I ever did. Girl...I believe you though. If you say you are going to work for Stacy Julian some day...ROCK ON!! I know you will. You are just that kind of rockin' girl. I love you to pieces. So glad you had an open minded, sponge soaking, CKC weekend. You are the 'big deal' in my world.

Anonymous said...

Can I work for you and Stacy? That is totally my dream job! I too have coffee with your friends each day, and I too feel like a total stalker. My non scrappin friends just don't get it! I'm going to Ali's class in 2 days in Chicago...I'm so so excited!!!
Thanks for feeling like I have a kindred spirit! :)