nothing good to say monday

so, i've been in a funk for about 10 days now. it all began, of course, with an argument with the hubby. i just can't shake it. some ugly things were said.. and they've resonated in my mind for ten days now. i have a three day theory... if i can mull over something for three days and get over it, it's gone. if i can't, it's worth bringing up over and over again. yeah - he doesn't see it this way. i got home from my trip, almost wishing i hadn't. i wanted to cry when i walked in the house. but know that DD is the age, she understands mommy is sad if i cry, i can't do it in front of her.

so. here i am. in a funk. i created most of the day saturday. thinking that would help. it did.. temporarily. i created some (i think anyhow) good stuff. a couple of gifts for my best friend's first new home. i hope she will love them. but the funk it keeps arising! man. can't shake it. fell asleep to it, woke up in the middle of the night to it, so much so, i think i was having a panic attack in my sleep. woke up short of breath and had gasping pains in my chest and upper back. i turned over, they passed. and go figure, i had one of those dreams that i kept waking from all night and kept falling right back in where i left off. to keep it short... i could NOT for the life of me, make it to the alter on time... go figure.

and yeah, instead of working, like i should be doing. i'm bloggin. hoping i can release some of the funk "out there" and one of my goody goody girlfriends will come back with some amazing advice i have yet to hear.

have a splendiforous monday. i'm gonna turn the music up load and try to shake this funk away.

peace out.


Melonie said...

So sorry about your "funk" I have no great words of advice except to say that I hear you girl! Men!

bonnie b said...

So youre in a funk and cannot shake it? Write down what you want to say, get it out....let it go..... and then decide to share or not to share with hubby. Men do not hold on to emotions as long as we do....they say em, and they let it go. Girls - we love to wallow in it, stew in it, marinate it. And what does that do for us? NOTHING The hurtful things said - write em down, wad em up and burn em. And say a prayer....seriously - for peace of mind.
Love ya. Momma,#2.

Holly Terra said...

come scrap with us friday
have drinks
eat snacks with lots of calories
all better ;)

On a serious note... this will pass.... sorry you feel so yuck-o!

Cheryl said...

Hope you have got on top of things, Shelley :) I am sure your new hairdo will spark you up and keep focused on Friday night, the girls will cheer you up !!

Jennie said...

i am so sorry to hear about the funk! i totally get it! it will lift...

i think it is great advice to write it all down. i have done that many a time and it really does help. i don't usually share my writings... they are probally more for me...

and talk to your man! you love him! get it out there! the healing only begins when everything is said...