The bed is made and my coffee cup makes me happy

i know, a long post title - but it's the truth. part of my keeping home in order progress will be to "attempt" to make the bed everyday. however, "they" say that a made bed harvests and incubates those nasty dust mites i am apparently allergic to. yet, an unmade bed harvests and incubates my dog as he decides it's HIS bed during the day. ok bailey. the jig is up. no more snuggling UNDER the covers in the dead of summer, because you are too proud to curl up under my feet under my desk like any normal dog should. yes. you are too cool.

and the coffee cup? from none other than target. too perfect. too me. thick, ceramic, chocolate brown with some floral, bird, butterfly thingy designed on it in yellow, teal and a pinkish burgundy. happy morning coffee love.

the mug 3.99
the housekeeper 175.00
my annual bonus 131% over plan
my happiness and sense of accomplishment - priceless

happy thursday


Tricia said...

I love your post today Shelley! Now I wanna see what your awesome cup looks like!

katrina said...

LOL. I don't make my bed. Okay, I rarely make my bed.

And I know just what coffee cup you're talking about! I got the cream colored one that has brown & tan flowery tree like things on it.

Anonymous said...

Love clean houses and great coffee mugs and made beds! Glad you got a raise/ bonus - and you are feeling better!

Nicole Carro said...

Congrats on the bonus - hope you treat yourself to some special scrap supplies!