I saw Wilbur in my sleep...

so the morning routine goes like this:

I walk in to wake up the still sleeping child:
ME: hiiii baby!!! morning! did you sleep well? did you have good dreams?

HER: (normally) hiiii momma! yeah....

(yeah is the answer to anything even when you ask the child - do want a punch in the nose? yeah!!!!)

HER:(today) hiiii momma! i had good dreams. i saw wilbur!!!

ME: you saw WILBUR? the PIG? when? where?

HER: when i sleeped momma!

ME: really? you mean you dreamt about wilbur the pig?

HER: hehe - yeah momma. when i sleeped.

ME: who baby! how exciting! good dreams!

HER: yeah - hehe - momma - he's sooo cuuute! wilbur!!!

my girl EFFIN ROCKS!!! she's already dreamin like it's her job just like her momma! in technicolor, no less!

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