rockin weekend - part two.

to sum it up - this weeked rocked. all the way around. from the kid to the husband - it rocked. we started and ended the weekend AND i got to sleep in today - completely unplanned - which makes it all more the better. i don't remember a day i slept in until 11:30am.. it was glorious. you see - i've ALWAYS been a late sleeper - this was something motherhood robbed me of.. though my girl still sleeps to at least 8am.. so it's not SO bad.

she's now of the mindset - after yesterday's crafty affairs - "i wanna go play in your office. please momma - office? umm NOW! can we pretty please go in your office?" she's hooked. so i think she will have a permanent work station at the end of my desk. it's big enough - and i love just being in here with her. we downloaded The Polar Express soundtrack yesterday - now she BEGS for it. she LOVES the opening song... chair dances to it and everything. too cute.

so - today - my sitter's daughter came over and I offered "creative advise" as she played and crafted in my studio some gifts for her grandmothers. she had asked if i would help her come up with an idea. i gave her some mags. she found something she liked. we did it. SHE did it. she said to me today:
her: shelley - are there like professional scrapbookers?
me: oh yes! someday - perhaps I will be one...
her: i think i want to do this for a living when i grow up.
me: start now girl - you don't need to wait till you grow up...
then I told her about Brittany Laakonnen, Mitch Kraft.. she was amazed! i love how my passion has rubbed off on her. and she gets SO excited. she walked into the studio and said - "WOW. look at all this - you have EVERYTHING!" made my heart warm. she's such an awesome kid. so while i'd love to show you here face - since she's so stinkin cute - i won't because well - she's not my kid and that's just not polite - instead - i took a pic of her end result with the mag right beside it. i think she rocked it. everything was made with basically scraps and the little frames we got at dollar tree for her b-day projects.

the rest of the blog candy are projects i've been working on for my mum... she will LOVE everything. i just know it. she's my #1 biggest fan! tells her friends i'm a famous scrapbooker.. haha - famous - been pubbed once. if she only knew.
oh yes - and a pic of the Man in the Big Red Suit... she was SO good. got right up there. jumped up there in fact. and just giggled. she was so funny. whispered to him.. "i want a teeny tiny RED present with a puppy in it..." santa looked at me and i was quick to tell him a STUFFED puppy... then she told him, "happy holidays, santa! bye bye!"
does my kid rock or does she rock?

peace people. have a wonderful full week before christmas. slow down, enjoy it - savor it. make it yours.


Melonie said...

WOW you guys rocked the scrappy gifts. SO great that you are so good to your neighbors daughter. Love the picture of Kennedy with Santa. Hope you have a wonderful week.

Holly Terra said...

SO cute!
Love how she told him Happy Holidays.
She is so cute.
Glad you are having happy days, Shell :)
That makes me happy-happy.

Anonymous said...

So Sorry about the loss of a friend and mentor. That is awful....alone and away from loved ones.

Love all your scrappy goodies...too cute and miss K is da bomb! Love just how sweet she is. Must take after her daddy, huh? just teasing........
Glad your weekends have been rockin!


diane (cookiestamper) said...

What a sweet pic with Santa!