this child rocks me to the core

this child rocks my WORLD to the core. seriously. this is how we spent our morning.

she has the most amazing attention span. and is a GREAT conversationalist.

not to mention she is quite the artist.

oh - and did i mention she's only JUST turned 2 and a HALF? I drew the tree - she painted around the lines... without being told how. she's brilliant. or maybe it's just me. i've never known a child her age to have such mad skills.

look at the concentration. yeah - she's getting a rockin art set from Santa this year. i've got a feeling he knows.

back to being crafty. i've been on a roll for days.

going to see the big guy in the RED suit tonight. can't wait! pics to follow!

as she says so well AND in sign language now (thanks Sprout Channel) - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pink tree.
All trees should be pink.
What kind of mother are you- give the child some bling!
She is beautiful.
And a smartie pants.
Have fun with the big guy.

This won't let me sing in as usual!! I'll be anon.
Love you,

Melonie said...

Looks like so much fun!! Glad you had a great day.

Gina said...

awwwww....she's so cute! makes me think of Trin...they'd out-craft us if we let them, I bet. hehe. What channel is Sprout? I need to get that showing around here!

Tricia said...

Shell, she's so beautiful and definitely an artist!!!!