today is the greatest...

...day i've ever known..." one of my fav songs from the smashing pumpkins... but truly - today was really just a great day. my heart is full. i am feeling a sense of falling in love with my husband all over again. the weekend just plain rocked.

started of the weekend with - NO LAUNDRY! because people - I have maintained the piles for an entire WEEK! phew. what a relief. Saturday - I taught a little project to a group of 10 12-13 year olds at the birthday party of my sitter's daughter, anna. this girl is just about the coolest 11 year old i have ever known. she's not only just adorable - but the most polite, proper, thoughtful, appreciative tween i've come across yet. says please and thank you - yes ma'am, no ma'am... unreal. I helped her mom throw a scrappy/stmapy birthday party. helped - meaning - i designed and created her invites, party favor bags, and the project itself. (photos to come later). It was a HIT! The girls LOVED their project and i really think they all had a blast!

and THEN - I came home - and HAPPY MAIL.... 601 GREAT SCRAPBOOK IDEAS HAS ARRIVED PEOPLE!!!! I CRIED! how stupid is that? i mean i actually had tears opening the box! thanks FWPubs - you made my MONTH! what a way to start of the holiday season... a great sense of accomplishment and the words - "honey - i'm really proud of you" coming from the hubby. pure scrappin goodness.

sat. eve we tooled around in the living room - trying to rearrange to accomodate a christmas tree. we've got this long narrow living room - our furniture is too big for it - and it always felt stifled. poor flow - poor energy. well - i think we nailed it. we rearranged - cleaned and LOVE the feel of the room. hubby keeps saying he feels more "at home". it's great. now if we can only agree on a tree. :) we then tooled around looking for a tree. i am *trying* to compromise this year - and we are getting a fake tree. though i can't compromise to the price of the damn things! holy cow! so - needless to say - no tree as of yet!

sunday - was my god daughter's 3rd birthday. she was adorable. so cute and petite... and happy to see us. she LOVED the UGLY DOLL!!!! snuggled right up with it like a pillow... LOVE it. it was great for she and kennedy to play together. they do so well together. they are 6 months apart (kennedy younger) so they have just about everything in common right now. got some great shots of them just being with one another. warmed my heart.

spent the early evening - you guessed it.. looking for a tree. so far we have been to K-Fart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, Hafners, Christmas Tree Shops, & Michaels. Would you believe.. nothing! BUT - i did manage to get the cutest little nightlight - it's one of those old-fashioned bubbling lights with a little santa hanging off the side. was ADORABLE. Kennedy loved it...

today was day two of the advent calendar... i think she might actually remember to look in it tomorrow for a goody.. however - i am having a hard time buying little treasures that will actually FIT in it... so some goodies will be hangin out... but it looks even cuter than way.

so - this weekend was a down right - just plain good - weekend. full of goodness. full of warmth. and i just hope it carries on.

have a merry start to your week.



Gigi said...

I can feel your joy just by reading your post! So glad you had a wonderful weekend Shelley!

Melonie said...

I am SOOOO happy that you had such a great weekend!
Shelley I gotta tell ya, we always had a real tree until 4 Christmases ago when we bought our pre-lit tree. It was an investment for sure (they are not cheap) but I am telling you Elliott and I agree it was the best thing we could have done for our marriage. It goes up and is lit in about 5 minutes. Gotta love no more fighting over lights. Plus we put it up on Thanksgiving and leave it up until New Years.
Oh and I hear ya on the narrow living room and too big of furniture Sister!
Glad you are feeling good!

Lisa said...

Hidy ho there.... Oh I hear you.. Our living room is also long and narrow.. Our living room & dining room are combined and the divider is a spiral stair case off to 1 side. A few years ago I invested in a 'slim tree' from Tar'get.. and I love it. It fits perfectly. It's prelit and whooza.. It definately has taken the struggle out of the tree issue. Check out my blog for a picture of it.

Anonymous said...

What a great warm fuzzy post Shel. So happy that you kept up on the laundry and had the weekend for family and friends. The tree will come......it is out there. I don't know if we are doing a tree this year ...I'd like to but with Mom in a wheelchair we've had to rearrange a few things and not as much room as normal. I love a realtree ...but hate putting it up and taking it down. But to sit at night with just candle light and smell the pine and sip some wine....heaven to me. Here is to more wonderful weekends for you and Ron and Kennedy! Warms my heart!