to do list

it's something i never used to start my days without. something i felt i couldn't function without. it was the way i began and ended each day. i made lists. i would commute to work, make the lsit in my head. stop for my coffee and breakfast something or other. get to my desk. get out notepad - make list for the day. as i went through the day, i highlighted the items i had completed. (funny - i learned recently - one of my brothers does the same thing!) at the end of the day - i would recap the list, add items to it for morning, clean up my desk - putting EVERYTHING away. wipe down desk. and go home.

my life is drastically different now. i work from home. i'm a mom. i seriously disorganized. i stopped making lists. things get missed. forgotten. past due. undone. chaos. to most, i seem pretty together and on top of things. it's all an act. i'm the one screeching into the parking lot daily with breaks on and grabbing the last damn parking spot.

enter today. i'm bringin list back. and i'm makin it a habit. i will post my list here each day for the next two work weeks. that's all it takes for me, personally, to develop a habit. i figure a nice frilly, spring time mug is in order for my morning coffee... since i no longer get the commute or the stop at starbucks.. though on SOME days - i DO make a stop.

make today a great day and here's to hoping i get this damn list complete today!

“The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.” ~ Oscar Wilde


Gigi said...

I, for one, can't live without lists. Sometimes I have so many lists, I need a list to organize the lists! We busy moms have to have them, there's no way around it.

Gina said...

mmm yeah, lists are great. Especially when you look at them. :P I need to get back to looking at the lists I make, as my preggo brain can't keep up with life.