ok - so i failed. kinda.

i promised to post pics of my lists for 2 weeks. well - on my list was - "spend less time during the day on the internet!" and i've succeeded.

i am keeping lists.
i am sticking to them.
i am accomplishing things.
i feel productive at the end of most days.

on another note - if you lack a thyroid - you know - the guy that is like your body's shop foreman? yeah. take your synthroid DAILY. don't skip two days in a row. unless of course you want to feel what it must feel like to die a slow and painful death. sunday - i couldn't figure out why i was falling asleep sitting up all the while everything including my HAIR hurt... i realized at about 11pm sunday night, i missed my pills - i think thursday, friday , and maybe saturday? i woke up monday like i was on CRACK! i was so hyper! it was GRAND. take your PILLS!

the weather here.
my newest, littlest, cutest, most gorgeous baby in my family in three years...
lilliana grace came into my life on thursday.
i got an hourly play by play text message from my bro.
love him.
he even texted me when the head was crowning.
soon as she came out
i flew down 81 like a madwoman.
instant love affair.
momma and daddy are doing awesome.
my SIL - a CHAMP. baby was almost 9 pounds!

ok - folks - happy tuesday! I am supposed to be doing a PIF RAK... so i need some comments people! LOTS OF THEM! tell your friends!!! I will chose my RAK recipients from the comments by Friday...



Gina said...

Awwww! Congrats on your new niece! Glad the lists are working out for you. Me, I need to start a list that says, "Make a damn list already!" hahaha ;)

Melonie said...

Huge Congrats on you new niece Shell!!! Glad you are feeling better.

Gigi said...

Congrats on the new niece! Love the name!
Oh yeah, thanks for the Synthroid reminder. Sometimes I forget & miss a dose here or there. Luckily I've never noticed any problems because of it.

Lisamariemlt said...

hey girlie
wow I've not been in for a bit
glad you are doing well
and wow
congrats on the pubs
and new neice

life seems to be going good for you