can i get a - PHEW!

so - the last few weeks have been rough - to say the least. BUT - it's ove and we are cancer free. what was discovered with the breast MRI was NOTHING in the left side - which is the "problem" side - but a small cyst in my right side. i had to go BACK for yet another test on friday. they found a teeny, tiny cyst in a lypmh node in my right breast. I am told "nothing to worry about - only to monitor". So - that's a good thing. for now. i finally slept. well - for a few hours.

enter - the three year old from hell! we had a bad storm friday night/saturday morning. began at 3:30 am sharp. Kennedy woke up and hollered out - "Momma - it's too scary in my room - get ME!" we snuggled in my bed for a bit until she declared it was time to head downstairs and have a snack! at 3:45am!!!! oi vey! for the LOVE OF GOD!

i can't even remember now what i gave her to snack on but i DO remember, when she was done - she said - and i quote - "um, momma? i'm all done with my snack now. i think you should wake up and make us some breakfast. don't you think?" i gave in. i made a smart alec comment to her of course (gee wonder where she gets it from) and said to heck with it! I may as well get up and seize the day! it was WEIGH IN SATURDAY anyhow!!! and yes ladies - i am down another 2 pounds. still at a loss for 22 - as i gained 2 the couple of weeks before and then lost this two... but heck - 22 since January! that's rockin if i do say so myself!

let's see.. what else? I applied for a manufacturer design team this week! I will tell you more when i know for certain - but there was a little bit'o'kismet that pushed me to do it - ever so last minute!

work is slowly getting better. i had my review on friday. it was stellar. i maxed out my increase AND tacked on an additonal 4% to my raise as i got a title promotion... lateral - but still - mo money mo money! life is grand. but i would downplay it if i said i earned. i friggin worked my arse off to earn it! for two flippin years! i am scheduled to take the first full week in May off and it cannot seriously get here fast enough.

i've been creating. and it feels good. i knocked out some stuff for the DT over at We B Scrappin... got handed some stuff that at first i wasn't crazy about - but turns out i fell in LOVE with! New Fancy Pants and Fiskars Kimberly Poloson! pure love.i sewed a little sundress for Kennedy this weekend.. will post a pic when she's cooperating...and i did the taxes. yes. did them myself. with a little help from H&R block online... still saved $75 by doing myself... AND a nice little refund.

ok - folks - i think i'm falling asleep typing. now i KNOW i have stalkers out there..leave a comment or two or three. i am supposed to be doing a Pay It Forward RAK courtesy of my great friend MELONIE who's birthday is today!!!! but i want to know who's reading this... perhaps i will RAK it upon YOU!!! POST POST PEOPLES!!!

New Upsy Daisy Product... that i am now in LOVE with!

Fancy Pants love....

more Fancy Pants love...

and a fun trip to the zoo on i think the first real day of spring here!



Lacintha said...

hello darlin'...thanks for the bloggity visit :)
Glad you're healthy, and way to go on the weight loss!!!

Melonie said...

So glad you are in the clear!!! That's super news and super that you are down 22 and up 4% and that you made the WeB team!!! So excited for you!! Hope this up swing keeps on keepin on! (((HUGS))) to you.

Gigi said...

Now how did I miss this post? Anyway, I hope you can hear my loud "PHEW" all the way from Utica!
I am so glad to hear you are fine! I can feel your stress falling away just from the tone of your post. So happy for you girl!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you. It must be nice o be breathing again. Love your lo what great pictures!

Michelle 3624

Gina said...

Fabu-friggin-lous that you got a good MRI report!!!!!! So glad. Sorry that I've been an MIA reader. You know life. ;)

um...was gonna post more...forgot...but I AM going to email ya.