happy happy

not much to report - just thought that title sounded good.. and perhaps if by osmosis - i could feel a little happy - life would be good. let's see... haven't dusted off the ole blog in a few days... things have been a wee lil hectic around here.

daddy has been out of town now for two entire weeks - save for the few hours he was here sunday night and monday night. then i went to my stamp club tuesday - he left wednesday morning and we haven't seen him since. i miss him. truly, genuinely, miss him. my heart hurts kind of missing.

it's been good though - aside from the learning-how-to-handle-a-so-i-am-told-typical-three-year-old - it's finally gotten better. i was trying to swing it week two with no sitter - since mine is on vacation - and i just couldn't do it. thankfully - i have a wonderful friend who i am now proud to call my backup plan. i don't think K will ever want to go anywhere else now - she's been so spoiled! making that choice was the best thing i could do for her AND for me. got loads done at work the last two days and hopefully tomorrow. work... sore - VERY sore subject for me now. anyone hiring??

i have some DT stuff to get done with some October Afternoon product i am DYING to play with - just have had NO time this week or last - and it's killing me. got pics printed - lo's sketched out.. embellies on the ready.. and just not enough time. so tomorrow? tomorrow we scrap! deal? deal! i am taking my hour lunch - and will scrap and will scrap alll night long tomorrow night!

ok - boring post. i know - tired of ranting here in cyberspace. i'm a real downer these days! SO - happy happy!!!

who's reading anyhow? i always say i'm gonna do a RAK and never get enough comments! SO - I will send a fun lil RAK to the TENTH person to comment on this post!!! and promise happy posts for the next TEN DAYS!!!! because afterall - today is the 10th! sounds like a good number!!!

peace and good vibes to my buddy May Flaum and also to my BFF - Joaney - she had a tough day being a momma today.

be good.


Gigi said...

Can I post 10 times? LOL

I'm glad to hear that things are going better with little Miss Kennedy. We moms sure take a beatin' sometimes.

Melonie said...

SO glad to hear things are getting better. Just keep looking at that sweet picture on your bloggy banner! Hope you got some time to scrap.

Gina said...

Awww...it's good when rough days start to turn around. I know how it feels to have a heart hurt, too. Is your man back yet? Hope you get some more good Shell-time in soon, too!

Sigmagirl said...

When does Ron get home... I miss you! Haven't seen you in ages. I saw your pages at We B' and let me tell you.. you are so awesome! LOVE it!