pre - easter happiness for a new momma...

Long, blathering post of just a typical easter eve for a new momma....

So, today started off a TAD too early for my liking... with my girlie waking at FOUR AM!!!! so, we headed downstairs, momma snoozed on and off, and when I finally "came to" she had destroyed the living room. toys from one end to the other and every spot in between! but the squeeze and a "awwww...i missed you momma..." was so totally worth the mess!

we headed to the zoo this morning for brunch with the easter bunny. met my favorite brother and his family there. WOW. amazing. we went last year, very low key, not many people at all. PHEW! this year was nuts! i would say well over 125 people... food was great, we got goodies for the girlie, all the girls, momma included, got our faces painted! how fun is THAT? and you know.. i remarked to my SIL.. i don't ever remember doing that as a child! had a great time at the zoo.. kennedy noticed SO many things, made tons of oh so cute comments... including.. "kennedy, what does a fox say?" her response: "OH MAN!!!" (thanks, Dora!) we didn't stay long, as it was about 28 degrees and started snowing! APRIL PEOPLE!

she was asleep before we hit the highway. we got home, and all three bears settled in for a loooong pre-easter nap. we all woke up around 5:00 wondering where the day went!

out to get eggs. BAD momma. tried to get them yesterday, but the droves of people at the store freaked me out and i made a u-turn in the parking lot and came right back home! today was no better. not only are new yorkers rude by nature, they become ignorant during the holidays when out in public in grocery stores. and did i mention rude? i mean some woman was actually blathering on at her handicapped, old mother in a wheel chair, ARGUING in front of he eggs! hello??? do you a$$holes not KNOW it's easter EVE? takin your friggin argument away from the eggs people! LORD! some days, i HATE NY-ers.. and i'm one of them! finally get my 2 dozen... on home...

My FIRST TIME coloring easter eggs as a MOMMY! I guess I didn't know we needed vinegar!??? All I had was red wine vinegar, so we had to borrow from a neighbor.. it was SO last minute... but what did i know? the last time i think i colored eggs, i was prob 10??? what a BLAST. i think my girlie KNEW something was up. she was getting SO excited. not to mention, she got to sit in what she calls, momma's big girl chair at the kitchen table. daddy got all the colors ready, while we dried the eggs and got everything else ready. we took 36 shots of the adventure. some of the BEST comments out of an almost two years old:

  • wow! it's sooo fun!
  • ooohhh.. pwetty colors momma...
  • i do it.. i do it...
  • nother one, nother one...
  • oooohhhh.. amazing... (said when we pulled the first egg out of the dipper)

then on to decorating them...momma loves her some bling, and i had just bought some cheepie self adhesive blingy flowers.. brought those down... my child is an ARTIST!

  • oh momma, so beautiful!
  • look... is so pwetty... pweety flowas!!!
  • ohhh, amazing.. it so bootiful!
  • so fun. thank you momma. thank you dada.

she rocks. undeniably the most brilliant child i have ever known. unreal. we then put out carrots for the bunny and a special egg for him. she sampled some carrots first and said "yeah, good for bunny momma. really good." she played, pooped out quick, and was back in bed by 9. then momma got to work...

assembled the easter basket of all easter baskets. filled some eggs for the "bunny" to leave in a trail from her room to the easter basket. all the while i'm thinking.. this kid is gonna grow up and have the coolest holidays ever... her momma just loves this stuff so much. i commented to daddy a few times today.. i'm SOOO glad she turned out to be a girl... this is just too too fun.

so that's about it.. can't WAIT for tomorrow.. to see the looks of surprise at all the goodies.... i am sure i will have a more emotional post about it.

till then.. sleep well and have jelly bean dreams.

ciao and hop-hop!


Cheryl said...

Wow !! What a GREAT Mama you are Shelley and your little one's vocab sounds really cute !!! I can see some GREAT scrapbooking material there, can't wait to see what you come up with :)
HAPPY EASTER to you and your family !

Tricia said...

Shelley, I do think "the Big Guy" knew what he was doing when you got your girl!!! You are such a FUN mom!!!! My mom never did stuff like that. We colored eggs, but that was about it. I still wonder where I get my creativity from!!!

I love you writing her words for us!! Too cute!!!